Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Yep. I think the root cause is deeper, though. Nobody there really knows how multiplayer games work. They think you make a single player game, then let others in. And really, loot progression and scaling aren’t the biggest issue.

How do you release a multiplayer game that doesn’t allow communication with (95% of) other players? How do you build communities with no clan structure, chat, or a working in-game friends list? They thought that stuff was in the “we’ll get to it later” category?

They’re completely out of their element. They did great at the stuff in their skillset (combat, worldbuilding, movement), but everything else looks like their first draft. I doubt they can fix it themselves, and I hope to hear an announcement that they’ve brought in someone with experience in proper multiplayer gaming.



Didn’t Bioware make Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO though?



Yes, and the guy in charge of Anthem since 2017 is the guy that was in charge of SWTOR.



Good grief… I liked SWTOR. Then I am completely baffled by this. How the hell do you release a multiplayer game with no way for players to talk/ bond/ form groups?



It really is baffling. EA clearly shoved this out the door before it was baked, but that still doesn’t explain how fundamental infrastructure like that is missing from a game that was six years in development. Even if they had to completely scrap their design and retool in the last two years, you’d think they would still have things like a chat system, clans, etc.



Looks like they just pushed a server-side update.



If Anthem where mine, I would have a double-XP or double-Loot weekend. And I would have one every time a big game in the same genre is released.

Sometimes thats enough to combat the feeling of “I am wasting time in this game, while I could be levelling a character in this other game”.



Yep. Free Loot Fridays or Summon the Loot Saturdays would be a reasonable stopgap while they figure out their long-term fix.



Great with GM2 now giving more loot - even if 99.9% of it will have the wrong inscriptions.
Shame all the loot I have isn’t enough to get me to GM2.

Maybe if I make a new ranger and use that bug though. At least that would be fun.

When some people say ‘be nice or the devs will stop posting’ it’s 100% true.
Release a working product and people will be nice?

Unfortunately, double XP is meaningless at max level, as there are no ‘veteran/paragon’ levels to gain to slowly become more powerfull without replacing gear.

And double loot will only mean you get 2 x the broken items, and since you can not craft Legendaries, the dismantled materials are sort of useless also.



Even more a reason to do it. Is psychological, give people a temporal bonus.



This is true, but right now they can at least increase shots on goal. It wouldn’t be a fix but it would be a bit of a temporary improvement while they rework the whole loot system.




I guess at this point we’ll take anything.

Personally, I think I would enjoy a level 1 ranger with a legendary doing massive damage more than anything else in this game. Roaming around destroying everything > shooting a target 10000 times for a blue loot.



My son and I also tested this at mid level. No Storms, he was using his Ranger, I was either Colossus or Interceptor. We would intentionally mix gear scores, raising and lowering and mismatching each other by adding or removing the good bits, even have some of the early drop Legendaries, and of course the starter weapons. Then we’d test in Freeplay or a mission run (private to just us two).

You can tell, but not by much when we were controlling the mix.

After 1.0.3 though Freeplay does suddenly get much easier, even for us, when a well geared L30 drops in. The addition of that range scales us heavily. And it isn’t the 30 is killing for us, you see your own numbers change from before on bosses. This is different from before when we’d suddenly be one shotted when L30 dropped in. So better, but maybe too dramatic.

I think it is going in the right direction (and I say this from GW2 where I think the scaling works well), but clearly needs more tuning to give it a good feel. How hard that will be for them with what @KevinC says, I have no clue.



Looks like Anthem devs have confirmed the Million Damage Ranger problem will be fixed in 1.04. The fix will be to do scaling based on number of slots unlocked divided by your gear score. I’m sure this time there won’t be any unintended consequences. :)

I really wish they would just add melee and ultimate slots to the game. It would resolve a lot of these problems.



It isn’t just melee and ultimates, though. There’s also combo damage and item procs.besides, if it is tied to a slot, the ability of those things to change is limited. I like what they are trying to do here, they simply aren’t there yet.



I suspected this with the scaling done on the equipped iLevel only:



Already been posted and the fix has already been announced.



Yes but Ben Irving was the one who implemented Galactic Command in swtor which is possible the worst endgame progression system of any mmo I have played. I quit for the final time as a result and the population of the game, which was already poor at the time, declined even further as a result of that system. Looking at these 2 examples Irving does look out of his depth, the peter principle in action.



What’s Galactic Command?



The increased drop rate is very noticeable but it really highlights how total garbage the loot is. Nothing like getting 7 masterworks on a javelin with shit gear and finding absolutely nothing useful.

9% shotgun ammo, 4% machine pistol damage, 8% repair rate, and 3% damage? Fuck off.