Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


And you don’t think the railgun qualifies?

@Nesrie Destiny 2 did a terrible job at that. Everything was either a cakewalk or felt more tedious/difficult than it needed to be.


Well not if it’s like the one in Quake Arena.


I’m referring to the video.


But I haven’t watched the video.


Fortunately, there’s a solution to that.


Hmm … no, don’t tell me, it will come to me.


The dificulty can be a artifact of then demoing the game with cheats enabled.







That’s would be unfortunate. I mean I am all for enjoying the game but that video just shows them dropping a couple of bombs, shooting for a bit and moving on. I like there to be risk/challenge otherwise it seems a little pointless.

Well it would be great to know if that’s true.



As for the other stuff, it’s a question of content. The thing with multiplayer stuff is that players tend to tear through everything then say there’s nothing to do, so they pad missions with lots of filler. Making that filler entertaining without being too easy or too hard seems to be very difficult (given how poorly most games seem to do it). If you think about it, the video seems to follow a diablo-like format where most enemies are trivial.

Personally I don’t mind if stuff is a bit toward the easy side. Trying to think of games that have done the balancing act well. Borderlands, maybe?


The original Destiny did this best on “Hard”. It was just the right amount of challenging in single player.

They later patched it so that Hard was too hard once the expansion packs came out.


1 and 2 sure. Something felt off with the third, prequel one. We never finished that one. We’re not much of an FPS crowed, but L4D, 7 Days, Borderlands and now our most FPS resistant member, my sister, is very much interested in this game.


It’s a demo, the game isn’t even in beta yet. I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything in the demo other than what the game looks/plays like in very general terms. There will be plenty of gameplay videos further down the road to help you make up your minds.


Well I thought I was being pretty general. Group of baddies, drop some bombs, shoot a little, drop some bombs, do a combo, or shoot from afar and move on. It’s a valid concern I think, based on what and how they’re showing it. It’s not as if I said how come xyz gun is flashing yellow 70s instead of 90s when it compared to whatever this other thing is. I am not really going that granular.


But your concern was primarily, or so it seemed to me, about the difficulty:

Again, kind of hard to judge based upon an alpha demo.


I don’t think of risk and difficulty as exactly the same thing. I’m not like looking for all of them die in a demo… but it really didn’t seem like they cared at all how they approached any of those combat situations which implied little to no risk.


Fair, but at the same time, we were generally speaking about how engaging/fun/interesting the gameplay appeared to be in the video, because it is all we have. No one is making judgments that the game is going to suck because of what they saw here, but to the extent that they showed this at E3 in order to develop interest in the game, critiquing what they presented, even if only to highlight areas of possible concern, seems reasonable.

Having said that, balancing tends to happen relatively late in the process.


Has anyone here played EDF?. The edf games have different classes that play very differently, so some class can be high movility but weak and other very slow but tanky. Maybe Anthem aim to a EDF feel with western graphics.

I think the question we all have is what type of feel or game are making. Is fast like doom, or more like gears of war. You can ignore cover and move quick like in Destiny. Will you be punished by bad positioning like in EDF or positioning is somewhat meaningless like in diablo or a wow. Is every type of frame different gameplay? And because many of us played Destiny 2 and ended disapointed… how often you can use your supers? After playing Destiny 2 we have learned that a Destiny gameplay can feel tiring and repetitive withouth “op powers” / “op weapons” that let you anhiliate a wave and rush when you feel it.


I suspect that admitting to being inspired by EDF is a fireable offence at EA.