Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


That footage looks worse than Mass Effect Andromeda on low. I’d be surprised if they opted to include lower system settings than Andromeda.


R.I.P. Bioware. This is the end for them.


I find it easy to believe that trailer is on low settings. There’s no way EA/ Bioware is releasing a AAA title that looks 10 years old.

It won’t look as good as the teasers, but it won’t be awful.


I’ll be the voice of dissent. It looked ‘fine’ to me. In as much as I don’t really care about super shiny texture mapping and stuff. I also pretty much don’t play AAA stuff, so anything Mass Effect 2 level or beyond will look acceptable to me.

What, specifically, looks terrible to people? Is it just because I was watching the video on my phone I don’t see the issues?


Yep :)


Look, the people have spoken, who are you to question? This game, and by extension Bioware, are totally doomed. Start digging a grave.


Uhm, have you played Andromeda? Geometry like it escaped from 2003, with textures to match in places. Not to mention janky animations all over the place, from cinematic convo scenes to combat.


I mean I’m all for digging their grave, just for other reasons. The very nature of Anthem is anathema to me. I’ll dig their grave over abandoning their strengths.

But I’ve never much cared about the graphics of games. As long as they are good enough* it’s fine.


That’s the spirit!


This is worry over nothing. We know what frostbite games look like.


I believe the graphics where set to low. And I could imagine what can cause that… the marketing people know how to sell a game, but maybe not much about the actual game.

But the video gameplay was bad and boring, stale.


What happened to the mobile armor? That looks so lame.The way the character is moving about too remind me of early 2000s MMOs.


This footage from a dev livestream is better:


(Press RT to launch a bunch of meteors or something)

I really hope that stays in the final game.


Interesting that he can just hover up in the sky for so long and not get killed. I’m used to Mass Effect Andromeda on Hard, where the moment you hover off the ground, everyone shoots and you die instantly. Glad they changed that.


This other video loooks completelly different. Much more expansive and sandboxy and fun. Still a downgrade from the original, but not a gigantic one. I loved watching it, and looked like fun. If anything, it look too much like destiny. Is that a bad thing?


It will depend. I enjoyed Destiny. But it’s story was incomprehensible nonsense. if a Bioware game ends up having a story like that, then it’s a bad thing. If it’s story is actually really interesting and compelling, then no, not a bad thing.


The shooting still looks worse than Destiny. Destiny as much as i hate it now, it did the shooting feel right. This anthem… just looks like a reskinned MEA… sorta ok. Love the world design, but shooting gameplay still looks boring.


I’d rather see the footage of what the game will look like for most players. Not on the tiny percentage that have a One X or a high end PC.


It does look like Destiny, including in some ways they could have avoided, like capes.

Also, the chests hidden in the environment, the world events, etc all look an awful lot like Destiny.