Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


GM Casey Hudson updated the BioWare blog with some new info, mainly about the home stretch for Anthem, but also teasing some new activity with Mass Effect and Dragon Age in the near future -


Yea, stick to Anthem, dork. Nobody (well, not me anyway) wants to see anymore of that other garbage. Focus, focus, focus.


I don’t know why I even bother with this thread anymore.


That wasn’t directed at you by the way, but the guy talking about stuff that isn’t Anthem.


All right, fair enough. I think I’m kind of shell shocked from years of arguing about BioWare games.


Oh wow, the Star Wars Old Republic team is continuing to work on that game. That one caught me by surprise. I thought that game was done.

One day when I replay KOTOR 2, I’ll hopefully play Old Republic just to see the storylines there. Hopefully they won’t shut it down by then.


What are your thoughts on the ending of Mass Effect 3?




Oh hey, almost forgot - if you want to try to get picked for the closed alpha, sign up here:


lol what. They want you to pick what 3 hour session you want to participate in?


I think that the ending was…

No really thanks for the link.

It’s an incredibly narrow window.


I just picked them all because, what are they not going to let me play if I miss one?


If you sign up for EA play testing, it works a lot like that - you’ll choose a session, date and time that works for you and they’ll pencil you in if there’s a spot. This seems to be working like that. I would guess (hope?) that as they get to beta and open stuff up, it will get looser.


I picked the ones that I thought I could actually make. I am not hurrying to my computer in my PJs to make some sort of morning session. Based on some past events, I guess I am lucky they picked weekend times at all. I usually cant make these because they stick them right smack during working hours.


So this post sent me on a treasure hunt in the Mass Effect 3 spoiler thread looking for divedivedive’s opinion on the ending, and I came up empty. Dive^3 was very careful not to divulge his actual opinion of the ending in that thread. He only commented on other people’s views in a carefully crafted manner as to not give away his own feelings.

Thank you for wasting my afternoon on a wild goose chase KevinC.


You sure this doesn’t tell us something? Or maybe we are each reading this in our own special way.


I don’t know, but I love it.


I am pretty sure I’ve pontificated at length about Mass Effect 3’s ending, but I couldn’t tell you what thread it was in. All right, I’ll give you the quick version: I was ok with it. Actually, I kind of liked the more apocalyptic original ending before they backed off with the subsequent DLC. I found ninja boy to be far more objectionable to my enjoyment of the game than the ending.

So how about that Dragon Age 2, huh?


As we just discovered in another thread, your reaction at the time can vary quite a bit from what you remember your reaction being later. You were surprised in another thread yesterday how negative you sounded about Lost Space 3 even though you remember liking it now. I’m the same way. I remember really liking some games, and discovering in resurrected threads that I sounded a lot more critical of it at the time. So I was hoping to discover your original creed about it. But yeah, it’s not in that thread.


Doesn’t look like I got into the alpha, which starts today. Oh well. Anyone else get in?