Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Did it also say what recourse EA would take against you if you did not honor the NDA? That might be somewhat relevant to the current discussion.


Not sure, I didn’t read the NDA thoroughly enough to know the consequences of violating it, I’m just saying that no one can be surprised when they are punished for violating it when it was clearly spelled out in their communication the things you are not able to do.


I don’t think anyone so far has been surprised to find someone might be punished for violating the NDA. Speaking only for myself, I am quite surprised the punishment appears to have been shutting the player’s account down completely. I’d be curious if they mentioned this as a possible outcome.


I am sure you are following the entire conversation and you can see directly above my post is the post I am replying to that references fine print. I am using the same lingo he was.

Wow, that’s pretty funny considering what you just said.


I am following the convesation just dandily thank you very much. But thanks for making assumptions for me. I love people trying to make me feel stupid.

The “What fine print” is obviously sarcasm because no one has any excuse or even any real need to read the NDA to know that they are under a strict NDA.

I did not have to read the NDA or any fine print to know that I am not allowed to talk, stream, or do anything else publicly about the game, because it is spelled out very plainly in the welcome email in a 1 line with bolded text saying that it’s strictly confidental and even calls out streaming.

The NDA does not spell out consequences but I don’t think it normally would. That would just limit their legal recourse. The only thing that’s surprising to me is that his origin account was emptied and not just outright banned.


I just assumed if you question the use of someone’s lingo, you would actually question the source, not the person who replied to it.


This dude knowingly, brazenly, and shamelessly violated the NDA for profit. He could easily have been sued and forfeited a great deal more than his Origin library. Ignorance of the law is not a defense.


I was merely just trying to state that while I usually sympathize with people missing things that are in fine print, EA did a pretty good job at making it known that you really aren’t allowed to talk about anything about the beta explicit. They did it in a way that you didn’t even have to read the NDA (in fact you only know that you can talk about being in the closed beta by reading the NDA). So in this case not reading the fine print is pretty poor excuse.


This is something you might only know if you are in the Alpha. I don’t know that you’re even supposed to reveal that although I suspect they care less about people revealing they’re in the Alpha as they do about posting anything about the game itself.

If there is an NDA at all, streaming is usually at the top of the list of don’ts… .that and stills is why some watermark the games even. I have no sympathy for this guy but the actual NDAs, not just the brief reminders, are usually pretty long.


There were multiple NDA warnings just in the signup process to try and get picked for the Alpha. In any case, for the person that knew they were going to break the NDA on purpose, they probably should have taken the initiative to actually read it if they wanted to know what they were risking.


That person may have thought being a so called influencer means more than it really does and perhaps even offered protection. The part about closing the account, locking him out… is that even in the NDA everyone else seemed to print and keep a copy of?


Saying you are in the closed beta is the one thing the NDA calls out as an exception/allowable :). (I’ve read the NDA after the replies here)

But the 2nd paragraph on the welcome email says:

Please remember that everything in this Alpha is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL . This means no posting, sharing, or streaming on social media or anywhere else

So that’s what I’m talking about that not having to read the fine print to know you are in an NDA. It’s not something you had to dig far to see, and the bolding was in the email itself. You had to read past that statement to get the closed beta times.


I hear yah. Yeah I don’t even need to read an NDA to know you can’t stream the content. That seems like a no brainer… it’s under NDA after all. That typically means don’t share, video and images at the top of the list.

I don’t know how old this person is, and their age won’t really change my mind, but I do know with a certain age group… if you don’t spell out consequences for them they just don’t register it. It’s really weird watching that mentality form, but it’s there. Considering how often streamers make gaming news for saying or doing things that just seem like yeah… that’s going to get you in trouble but they’re thinking maybe a weeks suspicion or something nothing lasting.


This is what I’d like to know, if what exactly they were risking was spelled out.


My 2nd house that I rent out was rented out to a big time WoW streamer in his late 20s / early 30s. Big time that in 2015 when he submitted his rental application he sent me his bank and tax records records (lol I DID NOT request them, I just told him that I assumed he could pay rent since he was self employed and the third party background check couldn’t verify employment) and man, even back in in 2013 (before he got a NVIDIA sponsorship) he was making enough money to question my career as a software developer.

However, zero rent checks ever came from him. His sister apparently was in charge of all of his money and she wrote every single rent check to me. I don’t know the exact relationship, but since she had a husband + a full time job, and all the interactions we had with him made it seem like there was a non-devious reason his sister controlled the money (and it was weird hearing him say he’d have to verify things with his sister).


Oh goody, 37 new posts about Anthem. People must be really getting into that new story trailer.

*Opens thread and reads it.

Oh. I guess not.


To be fair, nobody is gonna play Anthem for the story.


Just for everyone’s knowledge, you can find the full text of the agreement here:

5. Termination

This Agreement is effective until terminated by you or EA. EA may terminate your EA Account as well as your access to the Alpha Program and Alpha Materials if you violate this Agreement or any of the Alpha Agreement Terms. Sections 1-10 of this Agreement survive termination of this Agreement.

Bolding mine.


I hate streamers. Ban him.


All right, that’s what I’m looking for. I still think it’s draconian, but I can’t say he wasn’t warned.