Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


I mean, he probably didn’t realize he was warned, but that’s not exactly EA’s fault.


Yeah he was warned, not in the email of course but the NDA itself. They did leave the option open not to do it, so I am curious when they would exercise that.

It’s interesting that the articles talking about the Alpha also mention the VIP Demo, and that they’re using the word demo and not beta.



That looks so incredibly generic.


Long video here. Mmm, coloured lights.



What they’re showing looks fine, except there’s much, too much dialogue happening during the action. Is the dialogue supposed to be actors playing the role of players, or is that actual game dialogue? I just don’t want to hear all that stuff when I’m fighting and exploring. Besides that, the gameplay itself looks reasonable, if a little tame given the potential with jetpacks and stuff. But it should work well on a console, which is how I’ll be playing it anyway.


I misread one of the onscreen prompts that said, ‘Clear Threat for Matthias’ as ‘Clear Throat for Matthias’ and I was like, oh, well, sure I guess, why not? Got to get his attention somehow.

It is very Destiny-like though. I notice it has the mission critical no-respawn areas, like Destiny and probably lots of other MMOs have. No game over, mission failed screens for us I guess!


Anyone selling the digital versions of these for less than MSRP?


It’s good that we live in the video age, because now videos can be added to words in the dictionary, right along with pictures. This one should be filed under ‘Generic’.


Don’t preorder.


Just don’t set the graphics to low by mistake.


Looks like both the VIP and public demos have been dated - the VIP demo will be available between Friday, January 25 and Sunday, January 27 and the public demo will be playable from Friday, February 1 through Sunday, February 3.


I don’t know why, but I really want this game to be good. Excited to try out the demo.


If there was such a thing as a games stock market, I think I might short the hell out of this.


I have a feeling it’s going to flop, too, but I might at let try out the demo on Xbox, if I get the time over the weekend.


I’d be more excited about an obscure, un-translated JRPG and I hate JRPGs.


Just short EA. If it is meh then there has to be a dip, regardless of what numbers they are pulling with FIFA.

Personally I have zero expectation, especially after ME:A and it just looks very much like Destiny. It may be good or bad but I won’t bet money on it either way.


This is on my corner. The type of game I love even if is terrible. So the odds of me getting it are high.

Anyway when I look at the classes, I think… what the hell. Instead of representing virtues, seems to represent flaws.

Storm represents overpowered.
Collosus represents slow.
Interceptor represents busywork.
Ranger represents blandness.

I will have to use the tried and teste tactic of creating one of each one to test what feels better.


This looks very much like an evolution of Mass Effect Andromeda which was serviceable if a little bland. Watching the gameplay videos makes me think this would be perfect for an Iron Man game. The flying and combat really evokes images of Iron Man.