Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


At least we didn’t get the broken-spine Rob Liefeld pose.


… yet.


This was my first impression as well. I had to zoom in on the image on my phone because the pose was so strange couldn’t immediately tell what I was looking at.


It isn’t a matter of need. It’s just another option that some might find fun.

It’s like criticizing an RPG for allowing you to solve quests by speech instead of guns. You could say that’ s not required either, just shoot your way through. But options are fun.


No that’s completely different. One example here provides alternatives to playstyle (pacifist vs gunman), the other provides subpar choices when it comes to the same activity (combat). There is absolutely no incentive to use jetpacks in combat, not from a roleplaying and not from a combat performance perspective. It’s like using Rhino’s signature passive move in Warframe to clear a mission. Can it be done? Yeah, I suppose. Do some find it fun? I doubt it, but there are a lot of weirdos out there. But the game provides absolutely no incentive to do so which is why literally everyone else uses guns and stomp instead.

And before you bring up efficiency, it’s not that about that either. I recommend you look up Tom’s posts about incentive and difficulty in games if you’re curious about it.


A quake 1 guy changed the engine to support 64 bits integers. And another guy made a map has tall Earth (abusin the new ability to make giant maps) with a column you can jump. The fall last 20 or 30 minutes.

The original anthem has a lot of diferent levels + underwater, that world would have been imposible to traverse without jetpacks. While the world of recent videos is more 2D and more like using 32 bits integers.


Dash doesn’t allow you to get above enemies behind cover to shoot them. Dash doesn’t allow to take higher, better sniping position quickly. There are some people who don’t want to play as a Vanguard but use the jetpack to move into and out of melee quickly. As for who used it, there’s no need to denigrate people who make choices in gameplay that you don’t. I’m not sure how you can say “literally everyone uses guns and stomps” anything since you have no basis for that - what, have you taken a poll of jetpack use? Maybe you are talking about MP, but that is only a relatively small part of the ME community.


Welp I bought a year of Origin Premiere. If this flops I get other stuff I guess


Or maybe I’m talking about fucking Warframe, as I explicitly stated in my post? And no one’s denigrating people who play differently, the whole thing is about whether jetpack is a meaningful combat feature or not. And by extension, if flying in Anthem will add anything to the combat (not exploration) gameplay, as it was originally.

I maintain my stance that it won’t. @divedivedive thinks it will. That’s all. (I honestly hope that he’s right because it would be a genuine novelty)

Now please move the fuck on before I get banned if I write what I really think about your reading comprehension and taking things out of context.


What can I say, I’m an optimist.


In other news:

The masterwork thing doesn’t sound very exciting - sounds like a unique/legendary class per item type (hopefully this includes armor) with a static bonus and 4 random ones. Sounds a lot like Division. I didn’t get far enough in Destiny 2 to compare with that, if someone did, tell us if the loot was exciting or not.


Yeah, it sounds like the masterwork qualifiers that were added into Destiny 2, though I haven’t played that enough lately to get a good feel for it. But I imagine it’s just adding an element of randomness to loot drops to motivate continuing to play for more loot. Which I guess I more or less expected at this point.


In your last post you talked about both ME and Warframe, but I fail to see the relevance of distinguishing between the two. You started off talking ME and then you used an example from Warframe to amplify your comments on Mass Effect. And yes, you called people who don’t play the way you do as “weird”. Isn’t that being denigrating?

I’m not responsibke for whatever issues you have that could result in you being banned. I have not attacked or insulted you, just merely disagreed with you. Yet you feel a need to go into a rant when confronted with disagreement from someone regarding a game feature. I’m not sure where the hostility is coming from or what exactly your problem is. I’ve certainly have not shown any towards you.

That said, I’ll move on when I feel like it. If you are unable act in a reasonable manner, well, that’s on you.


Yeah, the masterwork stuff doesn’t sound particularly interesting…it’s just to provide a loot chase. It is the component system that seems interesting to me.

A question for you. What is necessary for flight in combat to be “meaningful” for you. Personally, I want to fight while flying as little as possible. I sure as heck don’t want to be forced to fight while airborne routinely.


It worked OK in Starsiege Tribes. What today’s FPS’s need is very limited flight, feathering, and skating!



So it’s unlike Destiny because of a class that shoots magic spells instead of bullets? That’s true only if a lightning bolt is really different from a railgun or a fireball is very different from a rocket launcher. I know he’s under NDA, but I didn’t really read anything that supported his statement (at least in a way that made sense to me).

Still, hopefully it’s the case because my world doesn’t need a Destiny knockoff, the original is banal enough. I’d be very pleasantly surprised (shocked, more like) if it’s Electronic Arts that brings something new and innovative.


I doubt it’s only because of a single player class. I won’t know until I play it, but until then I consider the article worth sharing because the writer actually has played the alpha, which I imagine is more than most of us here have done.


Definitely! I’m glad you linked it, as it’s good to get firsthand accounts. It’s just unfortunate that he had to be so vague due to the NDA, as it’s a topic I’d really like to get more information on.

A game like Anthem is totally up my alley. I disliked Destiny and Destiny 2 for a lot of reasons, but the core concept isn’t one of them. Warframe is one of my most-played games of the last decade, so when he’s bringing that up I want to know more.

That’s counterbalanced by a pessimistic view of Electronic Arts due to (in my opinion, anyway) a very poor track record and AAA gaming’s understandable reluctance to really innovate instead of replicate. Sorry if I come off as a grumpy bastard, I’m just skeptical but potentially interested.


Same here, and I doubt we’re in the minority (anecdotally speaking, everyone in my raid group in WoW days hated gimmicky fights). So it’s a double edged sword for the designers imo - on one hand the mechanics of fights have to support flight mechanics to make the feature justified - on the other hand they can’t exactly make them mandatory because not everyone would like them.

You already mentioned above that it will be possible to make a flight build - which is a good start and essentially turns the mechanic into a different class, one that will likely be focused around cooldown/cdr, based on what I’ve read about flight mechanics in Anthem so far.

The other solution is to make the flight mandatory during specific phases of the fights - either to quickly change location, for example moving to a target 300m away that just spawned and has to be bursted down, or the arena gets flooded with dangerous substance so you have to go in air to avoid it, etc. There are lots of possibilities.

For me the ideal scenario would be to introduce some weak points to (larger) enemies that are hard to reach by standard ranged weapons (assuming the game has some kind of falloff system) but can be exploited easily by a flying mech. This would allow the group to bring one player who focuses on flying, for those who really want to, without forcing others to spec the same way.