Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Yeah, if you look at the gameplay calendar they’ve obviously adopted it as their style. Not the best. Not that it really matters.

I’m not going to watch that endgame video. Why spoil stuff.


Not that much in the way of spoilers, tbh. More talking specifics of what there will be to do. There are probably more spoilers in that calendar image than in the video.


For what it’s worth. I thought PC controls were mostly okay. That doesn’t mean I didn’t myself into a mountain now and then but it was fun doing it!


That infographic makes me want to get the game more- I’d like to see how they’re handling the whole ongoing story thing. But I’ll probably just watch vicariously through online articles and the reports of people here, honestly, and wait for a sale sometime.


You had me going because choosing a bad font is like my number one pet peeve and will absolutely ruin a game for me, but I was thinking “What’s KevinC talking about? The font is great in Anthem”.


Why did the Brutes in this look exactly like the Skaarj from Unreal?



My precioussss. We neeeds it we does.


I’ve actually been jonesing to play this (xBox One X) more since the demo finished. Been looking for deals…


I have a feeling this game will have LESS content than even Mass Effect Andromeda… it looks like alot of the work was put into the basics, ie the armor, the landscape, a few ‘dungeons’. It just seems like they went the Destiny route when they should have done the repeatable, but randomized Warframe route. As well ALL endgame content seems to be coop based, thats a huge mistake when theres a sizable amount of casual players who like to grind solo, even if it isn’t for the best loot its still something to do. Still likely getting game, but as a looter shooter it doesnt look to have longplay value based on impressions from ppl who have played thru the full game (youtubers).

I dont want to seem down on the game, because I really liked the demo. Just that Bioware is new to this genre, and expectations are VERY high for a looter shooter like this.


It’s more of a coop game, like L4D or Vermintide imo, so it’s hard to put that as a flaw.


I haven’t looked into it as deeply as some, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that cataclysms/shaper storms, free play, and the contracts will be soloable, while only strongholds will need groups.

I did see that there’s some “aspirational content” that might be coming down the line which may be group-based (they keep bringing it up when talking about the possibility of raids), but they’re not saying anything yet.


@gedd is correct. Strongholds can’t be soloed, but other endgame content (like contracts) have that option. Contracts are also repeatable and randomized. And, imo freeplay is vastly more fun than Destiny and has plenty of variety…I expect to spend many hours just doing that.

Moreover, if you look at the bit of roadmap they released, it appears like there will be a steady stream of new things to do.


The game I played in the beta was solo un-friendly. Shielded enemies would restore the shield faster than I could reload. The dificulty was not scaled to the number of people.

But since some guy killed crota with a rockstar guitar for controller and alone, while it was tough for my group of 6 dudes, all content is soloable if you try hard enough and it will be made by a solo guy sooner or later.


When I was on tour I did this. Norway has the best filet of fish :P


‘Reload’ indicates to me that you were focused on guns. At least in the demo, guns were secondary – it was abilities that did most of the work. Even then, yeah… the enemies with the biggest energy shields (elite elementalists) were tough. But I figured out how to wreck them on the two javs I played the most, Colossus and Ranger.

Difficulty scales in a couple of ways. The HP/ Damage of each mob scales based on the difficulty level. The number of mobs scales based on the number of players (1 player, 2-3 players or 4 players). At least, that’s per dev posts.


Get Hype


I like how the ranger dodges behind a shielded colossus, using it as mobile cover. That’s something that never occurred to me during the demo, but probably makes a pretty great tactic.


Play more Overwatch to practice this particular Maneuver and prep for Anthem. 🎖


Never played Overwatch! I know, pretty crazy!