Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


At least this time Respawn didn’t get hosed for the 3rd time.


Ha yeah, this time around it’s Bioware’s turn in the barrel. Well looks like I got charged for my copy last night so no turning back now!


It definitely seems like Apex stole the show. While they don’t scratch the same itch, they are still competing for scarce precious gaming time.

I’ve gone from “I’ll play on Access for a few hours and decide” to “I’ll play on Access for a few hours and pick it up on sale later”


Pre-loading now :)

Also, Nvidia just released a new driver that mentions Anthem support in the notes.


Most friends who were interested in it decided not to based on the ‘beta’, but I suppose it will see the same QOL improvements in a years time or so, so, guess I’ll check back then.

Cant believe EA messes up yet another “AAA” launch like this…


Livestream on Twitch in about an hour


That’s great timing. Who’s going to watch that during the Nintendo Direct?


People who are interested in Anthem? :)


And now the date for early access has changed in origin to 16.5 hours later. They are really doing their best to screw this up


It’s the same 2/14 15h30 MST for me?


Yeah, any time you need a chart to cross-reference and figure out when you have access to what for how long… you may want to rethink your rollout strategy.


On the Twitch stream, they just said it’s Feb 15th, 9am central time.


Correct, but as recently as right before the stream it would have said, Thursday at 4:30 pm for you.

Ben Irving said “there has been some confusion”. It was in bloody Origin. The funny thing is, when I first saw that, I thought it was really strange, but it stayed that way for weeks, so people assumed it was the correct time.

@KevinC that has nothing to do with this. That’s standard on every EA release.

@rei not anymore. Should be 8am on the 15th now


YOu still need an EA/Origin Access subscription for this, correct?


For the early access? Yes. If you have also preordered, the download should be already available.


FWIW, it wasn’t EA which screwed over Respawn with Titanfall 2’s release date:

Who knows who’s responsible for Apex Legends / Anthem having close release dates, but it remains to be seen whether Anthem will really be hurt by Apex Legends.

Battlefield One and Titanfall 2 were both single-player and competitive multiplayer games, while Apex Legends is only competitive multiplayer, and Anthem is only single-player / PvE.


I don’t buy the story that they chose the TF2 release date.


Neither do I.


I don’t know, I kind of trust Schreier on this. I also wouldn’t be surprised if West and Zampella really did have the hubris to think they could succeed in that window.


I also believe those guys have hubris to spare.

I still don’t know if it’s enough to delude them into thinking that was an acceptable release window. But when you’re buried in the development of a critical masterpiece for years on end, it’s probably pretty easy to convince yourself the rest of the world will react to it the way you think it deserves.

I’d still like to blame EA though, but I don’t know any better either way. I’m just an ill-informed video game player.