Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


At that point, wouldn’t it be the job of the publisher to say, ‘hey, wait a minute, there’s a better release date for this’. The reason this seems fishy to me, is because EA doesn’t strike me as a very ‘hands off’ kind of company when it comes to an important decision like this.


And here’s Blomkamp’s full video, which I guess looks like a trailer for a full movie? Going by the comments, there’s a fair number of people thinking exactly that, and don’t know that Anthem is actually a video game.


I think that’s the difference between Electronic Arts and some other publishers and specifically the console makers. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft spend a lot of time spacing releases throughout the year. They have windows for their big games and marketing that lines up with that.

Electronic Arts, except for their sports games, seems to have absolutely no controls from the top on a year-long release slate. They just seem to publish things when they’re done in a rough window of either Christmas or before the fiscal year end in Spring.

IMO, they’re one of the most poorly run big publishers and they succeed in spite of themselves because they’re running the whole business on the success of their exclusive licensing agreements with FIFA and the NFL.


I love District 9, but that was terrible. I haven’t seen Chappie yet, but maybe Chappie fans will dig it.


All two of them?



Why do the good guys keep shooting the Ninja Turtles?


It looked like a trailer to me as well (which means the other day we got a teaser for a trailer for an unreleased movie…). The live action stuff in there is really cringe-worthy, and I can’t help but think the money would be better spent anywhere else, especially if it does end up being a full movie (or maybe they’re going to do small videos for each content act).


Somebody liked it besides me?!? cmon guys, its ET but a robot. so mean. wasn’t that bad.

anyway, I will be playing tommorrow, who else is? Lets do some missions or sumthin.

Also, does Anthem take place in a future or in a galaxy far far away?!?


ET, but a robot, plus garbage.


But isn’t our society pretty much trash/garbage? isn’t that one of blomkamps themes… a garbage future?


Yes, but I meant Die Antwoord.




Thats the punk guy in the movie right? I am easy to please… thought his charcter was interesting. Anyway, I liked Elysium and D9 so … ANYWAY. Who else is playing tommorrow???


I don’t play until the 22nd. I don’t think I filled out my Anthem Bingo card correctly.


Yeah I don’t think I’m playing for another week?


I’m up in the mountains this weekend but will have it ready to go on Monday.


Hey, Chappie was great!

.o7 mtkafka

That trailer feels like it should’ve been from at least a 30 minutes video for the game, like the movie they made for Far Cry 5.


I’m the guy who thought Waterworld was awesome. Does that sorta count?


That could not have been a cheap trailer to make if it’s just a trailer for the game and not for a longer form video.


That was my take. Whoa costumes and sets! It does feel like a trailer for a longer movie, though.