Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


The Blomkamp thing is completely bizarre. If that were a trailer for a movie (it isn’t) I’d be hyped to go see it. As a stand-alone story, which it is supposed to be, it’s an utter failure.


It’s more on the “Chappie” end of the Blomkamp scale than “District 9.” Not his best work.


Is that trailer thing supposed to be about the story that is going to be depicted in anthem?


Not really, it takes place like 50 years earlier. In terms of historical setup, maybe.


If that’s for a video game, sure doesn’t seem like the ones I played. It’s a lot cooler.


But… What does this mean?

Did he actually make a whole movie or something?


Sounds like they got him to make a cinematic intro video instead of the prerendered stuff typically that comes from Digic or Blur.


Nope, no movie. It’s a trailer for the game. It’s just a strange trailer.


If it’s just a trailer for the game, i don’t understand how it can “take place” at any point… It’s like, it suggests that there’s some kind of plot. And that plot looks interesting! But if it’s not for the game, then there is no actual plot that it’s a trailer for.

I don’t understand.


The game is supposed to be chock full of lore and story. Maybe that trailer will eventually make sense.


To be honest, I’d rather the trailer never make sense than deal with more Anthem lore. The lore and story in the demo showed me that all I should get interested in is action and co-op, and ignore the rest.


I still think it would be awesome if they gave him some actual cutscenes from the game, and that is what he based the trailer off of.


The scenery, monsters and buildings were all spot-on. They looked like the game assets, just a bit prettier.


Me neither. The one from the other day, with Crazy Train? I thought that was awesome in terms of getting pumped to play Anthem. This was just…bewildering. And here’s why:

“I wrote two 10-page scripts, going off of the idea that a page is roughly a minute,” he explains. “I was proposing 20 minutes of footage, which was way beyond the budget scope we were dealing with. So I eventually condensed everything into one 10-page script and everyone was like, ‘Dude, it’s a three-minute piece. You can’t hand in a 10-page script.’ I was like, ‘No, it has to be 10 pages because we don’t know what’s gonna live and what’s gonna die in the edit room.’ We have to overshoot it in order to make it feel like a trailer so we can pick the best pieces. We can’t know that until the footage exists.”

@Oghier that’s fair, but I’d rather they seized upon some coherent thing that makes me say, “I want to discover the truth beind that”. We may discover the brilliance in it eventually, but at least to me, I feel like the job of a trailer should get me excited to experience something. This doesn’t do that, imo.



The interview the article quotes from:


Oats Studios has made a lot of similar type trailers and movies all available on their youtube channel.

Most of them should have been made into feature length films, but alas, … we get sequel 6 or rehash of movie from 20 years ago instead.

A selection


It’s been live for 13 minutes for Origin Premier members.

Starting the game and…
“The Anthem service is currently unavailable…”

C’mon, EA. This is just a fraction of users compared to what launch day is going to look like.


After about 3-4 attempts, I connected.

It makes you confirm all the settings before you begin.

“The server has shut down.”

Now I’m just looping back to the splash screens.


Yup. So far, no go.