Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


You can start an expedition from anywhere if you are the lead of a group.

@Kadath grab the what?


It’s so stupid. The game says grab the plants. You need to grab electric balls and bring em to the plant. I got it…


Echoes? Pretty sure the game said anything about grabbing plants, but ok. I presume you are doing the tutorial. For whatever reason, there is no radar in there. The second section where you have to do that, I found them hard to find. Some are in the water, FYI.


You don’t bring echoes to plants, just harvest plants and minerals until you get three drops.


Yea, I think you are mixing two missions.

I sadly could only play a little over an hour but it’s great so far. Love the talking to NPC and am happy to hear there will be more. Should have gone with Colossus instead of Ranger as my first Javelin but it looks like level 8 is not that far away. Also must tweak controls today, something is different from the Betas. Oh and it looks so damn good. Better then the Beta I feel. Had a nasty thunderstorm in freeplay and it was great. The wind and rain constantly cool you so a lot of flying to be had. Can’t wait to return for more.


That is ‘Embers.’ Embers come from harvesting. Echoes are glowing spheres you fly into, then take back. You can carry three echoes at a time.

EDIT: Sorry, Harkonis :)


I know that, was correcting the person I replied to.


I think by “plants” he meant the shaper relic receptacle you bring the echoes back to.

There’s a fairly early main story mission (third or fourth?) that had me laughing hysterically during a cutscene. Really digging all the characters and dialog.


Brin is the best NPC. I’m also enjoying Kristin Schaal’s (Sawyra) goofy stories. She seems to have a new one after every mission :)


Don’t think I’ve even met Sawyra yet.


Facial animations are good if a little goofy sometimes and the facial detail is less than other current gen games.


wow… trying to do a stronghold with no way to communicate with the team(S)… and they insist on being stupid Mf’ers is really annoying…

Probably done 30 revives so far.

Why is it so hard for people to change their tactic after they’ve died for the 10th time…


This is why natural selection needs to be coded into games.


Last 2 hours of trial was spent in a stronghold before Origin kicked me from the game. Pretty sure you get no rewards if you do not complete the mission?

Even activated VOIP in the hope that there was a way to coordinate our ‘efforts’, but, do not think anyone is using that feature.

“instant01A” on Origin for that ‘alliance feature’.


Intstant which one are you on? I was kicked when you invited me to a mission.


Slowly getting the hang of it. Game is VERY pretty on PC. Definitely recommend controller over KB and Mouse.

I took this using the Nvidia Windows Key-G screenshot thing. Is there a way to natively take a screenshot in game?


You still get the loot you had already earned. It will show up the next time you finish anything and get an expedition complete screen. Just pop into freeplay for a moment, then exit.

I don’t use controllers, so I can’t compare. I will say that the Flight/ Combat controls are pretty fantastic now with M&KB. My colossus flies like a crazy combo of an A-10 Warthog and a Sopwith Camel (it took some tweaking and experiments with the settings).

Lastly, here’s a map for a bunch of the overworld chests. Keep in mind, it’s still random – they have a chance to spawn, but not a guarantee.


Voice defaulted to off during the demo. Devs said it was being changed to default on, but that change could be in the day 1 patch on the 22nd.


Those damn chests are important. To advance the plot you need to gain access to four tombs. Ala, you need to do a lot of shit in Open World.


I finally got in on the Access Basic 10-day trial for a bit. If anyone wants to friend me on Origin, I’m Geddsu there.

I haven’t played enough yet to see if anything’s changed from my original opinion, but I will say two things: 1) swimming is definitely fixed on mouse and keyboard, and 2) I still think walking is too slow in Fort Tarsis, even with shift/sprint now working.

I did want to ask those who’ve gotten a lot further…there’s a thread over on reddit where someone was talking about how frustrating the story mission experience can be because of the loading times. The short story is that when you start a story expedition, you can end up joining in after some of the initial story has happened so you miss out.

A Bioware rep said that when you start a story mission (not quickplay), you can be matched with a group of other plays who did the same for a window up to about 60 seconds. The problem is that, because of the loading times, if player 1 starts the expedition (so second 0), and then player 2 gets matched to that group late (say second 59), by the time player 2 is loaded in, player 1 may have flown pretty far from the starting point meaning when player 2 loads in, they’ll get teleported forward (and hit with another lengthy loading screen). So player 2 might end up missing all the story stuff up to that point.

Has anyone else experienced something like that? There might be a fundamental flaw in the system, where players, when they’re done loading, aren’t held until the whole group gets there.