Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Meant to add to this as well…I’ve seen enough improved between the demo and the early access version to update my original stance, where I was going to likely wait for a month or so before buying the full game, to buying it this week (once I figure out which store). I really enjoy the core gameplay, and I will be going slow enough that the bugs can mostly be tolerated. I’m going to adopt the tactic of playing story missions solo once, and then occasionally spending some time in quickplay for a group fix. I’m still a bit concerned about quickplay because there’s some serious issues with it (the getting put into non-completed missions as mentioned above, and frequently getting put into bugged expeditions that can’t be completed), but hopefully those are at the top of the fix list.

Storm makes this approach kind of challenging, as it’s harder to solo in. I spend a lot of time picking things off at range and ducking into cover waiting for shields/abilities to recharge. But I’m not far from level 8, so I can switch to a Colossus for solo/story and Storm for quickplay group fun. The other nice thing about that is that it will help me keep them both geared.


Lets have a minute to contemplate Far Cry 5. A game about religious fanatics that have not insulted any religious fanatic in the entire world.

Anthem is for people that is grossed by fantasy and science fiction, and don’t want any of that.

Visiting the insectoid race hive, where soldiers grown in eggs? nah, that would be disgusting. Magic energy distorting gravity, or breaking the floor below some old setlement? nah, thats not octogonal enough.


Dude, no. I’m a total sci-fi/ fantasy nerd, and I have been since the 1970’s. You’re casting about for new criticisms of a game you’ve decided to hate, but this one is nonsense.

The lore and worldbuilding are pretty solid, but they aren’t all introduced in the opening cut-scene. Most of it is hidden in various places, and it forces you to look for it. It’s not at all generic or boring.


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I have not decided to hate this game. More like the opposite, I am going to give it a good opportunity the 22.
I liked Fallout 76, that was universally hated, so is possible that I would like Anthem.


Another review that pulls no punches.



That guy seems to not really understand some stuff… Like, if you don’t want to play missions with randoms, you can just set it to private.

Again, this is largely a failure of Bioware, but it’s a failure they tend to make in every game they develop. They never explain stuff.

That being said, a professional reviewer should probably invest some time in figuring this stuff out. In that particular case, I figured it out in beta, so it’s not like it’s THAT hard to find.


If you want a more balanced take try this:

As for people complaining about lack of content, that’s because they are content swallowers. They don’t enjoy any of it bit by bite, they just race to the end as quickly as possible then complain the meal was tasteless or…generic. Sure, because so many other co-op shooters let you fly around in mechanized suits with thunder in one hand and pain in the other. It isn’t really worth trying to beat back those complaints one by one, suffice it to say I have a vastly different take.

This reminds me of back in the day when the leadership of the Wanderers guild abandoned City of Heroes and I took over. I changed our supergroup slogan to “We Farm Fun”. That’s what Anthem is for me. Fun. I’ve never had this much fun playing a shooter in my entire life. And that’s considering I haven’t unlocked my favorite javelin yet.


The game throws at you lots of Ash Titans, because don’t really have much else.

  • Big gorilla
  • Ash titan
  • That spider mech
  • Big… turret?


This has become so very tiresome. I don’t mind if people race to the end of the content. It’s exciting to do, and I really get it. But you can’t do that, skipping through everything as fast as possible, not pausing to explore, do side quests, talk to people, try different classes or builds, etc… you lose the right to complain that there’s not enough content.

Not having enough content, either while leveling or at endgame, can be a valid complaint, but if you’re going to make that claim it needs to substantiated with how you played and what you did.


Well, there isn’t a massive amount of endgame content. That much is true. But to race to the end, knowing that’s the case (and there’s no excuse not to, both because it is a live-service game at launch and because it is well-documented), just to complain about it?

By the way, for those that don’t know, the legendary contracts have some randomization, so they aren’t the exact same thing each time, though I expect there will be a certain sameness to them once you have done a few. The pieces are modular, though, and they have said that more mission variety will be added to these going forward.

The leveling actually feels pretty slow to me. I’m averaging about one hour per level.


Maybe they’re just good at videogames so they blow through what’s there quicker than you?

That’s a problem with any of these games. They’re not really built for everyone because they simply can’t be, same with any solo-type experience. When you throw in co-op, well, you can really amp up the “We’re too good at this” factor to where stuff flies by.

As I tend to do, I think I can paint Qt3 with a fairly broad brush here and say that the people who post here are not necessarily among those who get through content quickly. We have lives, are old, less skilled, atrophying… that’s not the group that’s complaining about content. They have a lot more time to play, are younger, more skilled and haven’t gotten to the atrophy part yet.


Cancelled my EA Origin Premier Access 2019 for Windows Live Premium.


Dude, EVERYONE is quicker than me. But I like to explore, look for hidden chests and lore bits, etc.


There was so much hype for this game early on that I thought I was alone feeling Anthem was bland repetitive oatmeal.

Seems like many of the online impressions are aligning with my earlier thoughts the past few days. Personally glad I held out, but I’m also glad that some here are enjoying it.


Right, I’m just saying… I think it’s valid criticism if the game is short and feels half-baked to these folks. They play a lot more videogames than you or I do. I imagine my kids would romp this in a weekend and be like “We paid $60 for that?!”

To be clear, I’m still debating buying it Friday, but I feel left behind already because of the way it launched. We’ve been debating it among my friends and I because it feels like a drag to be the guy who is now one week behind and making people replay things to catch up, plus if life intrudes, then I gotta ask them to do that again, etc.

I’m just not sure GaaS is for me.


I’ve played for 21 hours so far and am in my high teens. If you race through all the content for a game in 12 hours and then cry about it? I think you’re more the problem.


It’s just like Dave said, teens have lots of time to play.


specifically high teens!


For the all the hype about Fort Tarsis and all the world building it seems all of your time is spent up close with only 3-4 NPCs.


I’m having a good time with the game so far. I think, to me, the fun has been in playing the different javelins and stuff. I’m not at the end game, so I’m not sure what to say about that.