Anti-Depressants Cause Violence?

Maybe we can get them to stop blaming video games. Warning: this link is of Sean Hannity’s show:

And suicide.

Tell ya what…

I take 150mg welbutrin twice a day. Works great. However, I thought I’d change to the 300mg once a day from Pfiser instead of the generic I’m taking. Within about 2 days I was experiencing what I’d call a borderline uncontrolled rage.

Normally, I’m pretty chill. I told a guy over the phone I was going to come to his house and kick his ass if he sent a certain email to the rest of the sales staff. Luckily for my job, he assumed I was being funny. I wasn’t. I got the hell off of those things that day.

It’s apparently unrelated to the active ingredient, but rather what “filler” they combine it with in the pill that pops my cork when I take the Pfiser brand stuff. So sayeth the doctor.

I started taking it - Xyban at the time, same shit - to stop smoking. I noted how it completely fixed my depression, so I suggested to the doctor I keep taking it. Works great for me, long as I don’t change brands.