Anti-virus, etc

So I’ve been using Norton for several years, for anti-virus, firewall, anti-spam, etc. I’ve got the all-in-one product.

But I’m wondering if this is really best. It runs like 12 different processes on my machine. I don’t know how much of a slowdown it causes on reboots and/or generally, but I would think there is non-trivial overhead. I don’t really need anti-spam at the moment (using new long, well-guarded e-mail address has dropped my spam to near nil). Firewall, I was thinking about just using the default one included by MS on XP service pack 2. I suppose I still need virus protection, but am wondering if Norton is still the best, or something else?

Norton is so horrible I sometimes wonder if I’d have been better off getting the viruses.

AVG from GRISOFT is free and works well without crippling the computer.

A long while back I also used SOLO antivirus which was good.

I have seen recommendations about AVAST as well.

It’s a regularly ocurring question on this board. Here is a recent thread.

For what its worth, I make use of Avast. It runs quickly and mostly unobtrusively. I say mostly because it likes to announce in a loud voice that it has updated the antivirus database. It bugged me at first, but I’ve gotten used to it.

AVG is only free if you get AVG Free, which they no longer link to from their main site,

Instead, you have to go to

I’ve been using Anti-Vir for a number of years, it’s free as well and light on the resources.

For professional grade stuff, I use Kaspersky. I had a serious virus problem a few years back on a Sunday night and Kaspersky was fielding me great tech support from their offices in Moscow and fixed my problem. I swear by their service now. Just can’t afford it for all my computers. I have too many.


I have been using AVG for years and its a great product. Norton can go fuck a duck.

I was in the same situation a while ago. Norton was causing slowdowns, some nasty hard crashes, and generally making mischief with any multiplayer games, so I ditched it for Avast. I haven’t had to rely on it to catch any viruses yet so I can’t give any testimonials (I don’t think I ever had to use Norton to clean up after a virus, either, now that I think about it), but then, it hasn’t been terrorizing my computer, either. I have to echo Tyrion’s sentiment.

And the “database updated” guy scared the crap out of me the first time I heard him.

Thank you Roger, I wondered what the deal was.

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Avast has found a number of e-mail attached virii that have attempted to hit my parents’ machine. Anecdotally, I guess, it works. No hits on mine yet. I don’t mindit popping up with (near) daily updates; I hate that it constantly tries to take focus back while updating.