Anti-whaling guys unveil stealth bomber style boat

Is this for real?

Dude, 50kts. That is serious business.

Unless it has guns what are you gonna DO with it? Ram them? Let them ram you?

I think that’s all for show on TV. Or… BATMAN!

No. It’s stupid. Paul Watson is a douchebag media whore.

I won’t be satisfied until this show gets somebody killed.

Based on how many idiots they have on the crew of the big boat, I predict this new boat will be flipped within the first few “engagements”. Giving those people access to something that goes that fast is a recipe for disaster…and good television!

Don’t worry, no one on the show will be satisfied until then, either!

That doesn’t look like it would hold up well in an extended bout in the Antarctic seas.

I’m very much against the whaling, but yea - Paul Watson is a very irresponsible leader. The absolute lack of training those shipmates get is terrible. I coudn’t watch that show after the first couple of episodes.

IDRL… isn’t that the “eco friendly” boat?

Yep, earthrace.

So how long until they accidentally plow it into a whale at 50kts?

Oh sweet mother of Jesus let this happen…

Well… except for a whale getting hit by a boat full of idiots at 60mph…

No, the irony would be off the charts…I don’t want a whale to get hurt, I just want to see the batshit crazy ship of fools get airborn…

Jump the shark? Shit, they’re gonna VAULT THE WHALE!

Ahhh right, the name slipped my mind.

Still a pretty badass boat, I think.

How much endurance at 50kts?

I don’t think the Japanese would be too troubled to roll through it. Small thing like that, just getting caught under the bow.

Recipe for disaster.

Assboat would have been more intimidating.