Antihero - Qt3 League


Does anybody know - can the Assassin kill an Assassination Target, or only members of the opposing team? The text says “any enemy” - but do the Assassination Targets count as enemies?

If yes I could have had another consolation VP in my game with @belouski - making no difference to the result.


You don’t need to tag me when you post results, although you’re welcome to.


And you started boxing me in outside my base, had to waste kills and lose valuable moves, it was horrible, lol. :p


Okay. But it does give me a warm feeling to see your name …

… as you are summoned forth from your lair …


The Assassin Sisters can kill Targets, and enjoy doing so.


Group 1 Result: geggis > @robthomasson, 5-3.

Good game Rob! I managed pretty much what you did against @lordkosc, but all bribes and assassinations! ;-)

Also, yes, the assassin can be used against any enemy, including assassination targets. I finished our game with one! I think when the health gets so high on the targets using gangs and your master thief gets more risky from exposing your gang and using valuable actions up. An assassin will do it in one fell swoop. Be warned though: just like the truant officer, the assassin needs a clear path to the target.


Damn, I thought that I was just about to shut you down entirely. I had no idea that that final Church hadn’t yet produced a bribe.


You were indeed about to shut me down entirely, but luckily it wasn’t soon enough. I like to keep a church’s blackmail an urchin or two away just for such occasions.


I resigned after 9 turns vs. @Left_Empty . His gang was up to 5 health, kept on killing my gang and I felt there was no room for a comeback. He had two bribes in. Runaway leader problem? I wonder. What can you possibly do against a gang that robust???

At this point, there could easily be a few balance problems. I’ve also seen it in games I was ahead, where the other player had to be struggling. Dunno. Not sure.

Enjoyable, anyway.


In fact, the game was over, but you left on the final round. I had scored only once so far, but in the round you quit, I scored 3 points, and got slightly unlucky and lacked a single lantern to get the 4th and close it
So far, the top score can be a wrong indication of how a game is going, as scoring early usually imply sacrificing on infrastructure, and thus exposing one’s selve to comeback. Conversely, not scoring may hide just an impeding very sudden victory round. Things happen very quickly once the setup phase of one side or the other is done, in my experience.
Anyways! Reporting a win (I guess!) to Zebracadabra, 4 to 0.


Yes, that’s my point and it may be a bit problematic. Of course, it could just be my not being swift enough to recognize how to go about playing properly. That’s quite possible.


It’s worth noting too that bribes and assassinations are ‘hard VPs’ because once you get 'em, they’re locked in. They also get progressively harder to acquire so it can be beneficial to grab what you can early on to pressure the other player. Churches on the other hand can be taken back so they’re a softer VP. There’s definitely a knack to balancing infrastructure and going for the hard VPs though, one I’m still trying to figure out. Again, if comes back to how the buildings, henchmen and assassination targets have distributed themselves across the map.


@geggis and my Season 1 league game has been like this:


Yeah, that’s pretty much my sentiments exactly lordkosc! :-D Was laughing out loud throughout that.


Season 1, Group 2: otthegreat (6) > @geewhiz (1).

I took the lead with 2 early ship captures and then was able to fairly effectively box geewhiz in. I had the three mansions in the upper left corner all to myself and from that alone was able to pull ahead pretty quickly. Final VP was an assassination.


It is hard to remember the specifics of each game when playing in so many at once. If I recall correctly once you got your gang up so high it was hard to make a comeback. I was very impressed by your shenanigans! Good game! :)


Good game! I know what you mean, was it our game where one of my upgraded gangs was killed by an assassin or was that another one? They need to add a replay feature. I do wonder what people do when faced with a high level gang. That’s one of the things that makes me worry this game has the potential to snowball in one player’s favor.


I’d like a replay feature as well, but on the other hand, I love the aura of mystery around my adversaire’s moves a lot too. “Was it a close game or not?”


You lose!

Whoever can survive the first gang battle and spend a turn thugging it up will usually win has been my experience. (I just made a new word for this game!)

I really seem to stink at thugging.

The other strategy that seems to be effective is concentrate on getting Thug upgrades and just block the other players door area (how I hate that Left Empty guy - he kept doing that to me one game - hahaha).


Ha! Yeah that’s been my experience too. I wonder if the sisters upgrade might help, but it takes so long to get there.

Left Empty taught me the very same painful lesson on the value of an army of beefy thugs. Who knew the pub would end up being the most important building?