I’m back in!

gg @lordkosc. The early double trading houses and Strangefellows helped a lot.

@Goatgoatgoat I really like the way the Powder House shakes up building distribution. I had no idea until I saw the update splash.


I finally finished my last game in the beta! GG @lordkosc! It was a really close game. Even though I basically owned the entire map for most of the game, Lordkosc was able to keep it close. I’m not sure how you pulled it off, but I was impressed!

I never upgraded my powderhouse fully. Gold is almost always more of a bottleneck for me than lanterns, so stealing gold was more important. I don’t know if that’s a byproduct of my play style or not. That said, the discount on Saboteurs was vital since it allowed me to take and hold a lot of buildings relatively cheaply.


Yeah it was brutal, I have won maybe 1 game in my last 15 overall. Just dumb mistakes or horrible map layouts.

Powderhouse seems fine, well unless you are me and somehow trigger 3 traps in a row. D: I think that was a game against @Goatgoatgoat .

Then its IMBA! ;)


@Goatgoatgoat is very good with traps! I’ve hit a couple of his in the last two turns!


@Goatgoatgoat is the beta wrapping up? Only active game I have is VS you. ;)


Yes! Releasing today or tomorrow. It’s been ready to go since forever, just been waiting on the go-ahead from various platforms, which we now have, finally.

(Edit: update is now live!)


gg @geggis I didn’t see your final message. I had a very bad overall game. :p


Yeah, early bank, church and jewellery meant I had a lot of money rolling in and there were a lot of henchmen blocking your paths! It’s amazing how much attention the powder house attracts. It’s such a powerful building if left unchecked.


Started playing more of this again due to the mobile version filling in the gaps of my free time .

Anyone wants an invite let me know. :)

@Goatgoatgoat is there any roadmap in place for what you still have planned?


So yep… I play this a lot still.

Just had my 400th win today!


I just got this game, can’t wait to try it!


You are a beast lordkosc. I haven’t played in almost a year and just have 17 hours - most with the campaign probably. I’m pretty sure almost all (if not all) of our encounters ended up with my tail between my legs :-)


As probably the second most experienced Antihero player here, I haven’t a fraction of that. I just can’t juggle the number of games kosc has on the go. (And in Antihero!)


One of the best games I’ve had in awhile. The last 3 turns were so intense!


Ok, just got this (free from Twich Prime). Seems pretty cool, but I’ve lost the 3rd campaign (e.g. tutorial) mission three times. What the heck am I doing wrong?


Chapter 3, an Explosive Situation?




Lots of traps, he keeps going after your orphanage / church / trade house. He has 2 trade houses and the bank, so be aggressive against him.

Here was my quick recap :


I’ll try it, thanks!


Keep after his gang, he doesn’t seem interested in killing yours, so use that advantage.