I am glad the update will go out today, my game with @geggis is not going great, and oh darn if it gets wiped. ;)


Great game against @Otthegreat that had us both locked into church trapping and evictions, both trying to scrape enough coin to get that last urchin in. Photo finish!

@lordkosc having two trading houses against you is victory enough :-)

This made me laugh, not as much as ‘Ghastly Toot’, but, y’know:


Good game geggis! That was probably my closest one so far. By the end I just couldn’t scrape together enough money to get both churches in a single turn.


The update is out. LordKosc and I were having a real corker, too, that was just about to finish.

The new map didn’t make it in.

Should we start up a quickie leaguelet, or just pew-pew away? Either way - send invites to Gruntled.


Yeah, still waiting on some art for it, so it’ll be a little while longer. (Releasing the new map won’t require a savegame-wipe, however.)


Here’s the list of balance changes in this build. I’m curious to hear how people feel about them after a few games.

  • Assassin does 6 damage (rather than infinite damage)
  • Unlocking a unit adds to that unit’s tax till end of turn
  • Gangs are now properly taxed (reviving 2 gangs in a turn will cost 7 gold instead of 6)
  • Triggering a trap while scouting a building leaves the building unscouted
  • Stunned enemies no longer block pathing
  • Attacking a guard in a trapped building does not trigger the trap (burgling the building will trigger it). This makes pre-emptively trapping Estates a more viable strategy.
  • Lantern Generator moved from tier-3 to tier-2 in the Upgrade Shop


Ooo, I like those changes.

Folks, I’ll be leaving these British shores for Florida on Friday so won’t be around for any sneakery, stabbery and skullduggery until I’m back around April 5th.


@geggis , I will await your return !

@Goatgoatgoat , really enjoying the changes, moving the lantern generator up should help vs someone with double trade houses.


@Goatgoatgoat, I was thinking the same thing. It will be interesting to see the dynamics, because both the lantern generator change and the unit tax at unlocking will at least slightly increase the importance of the Bank (the generator indirectly, by reducing the advantage of controlling the 2nd Trading House).


I like the new look of the streets on Big City. The new characters look cool as well.


@Goatgoatgoat, I noticed some bugs while playing against the AI on Big City:

  1. After resources are collected, but before my opponent’s start-of-turn placard is displayed in the center of the screen, I’m briefly shown what appears to be the state of the board at the end of my opponent’s yet-to-be-taken turn

  2. Infiltration sound for the Bank doesn’t play when infiltrating it with the first Urchin

  3. After burgling a brown non-business building with my Master Thief, my Gang leveled up with a coin upgrade (Gang upgrade window wasn’t shown). Earlier in the turn, my Gang killed an Estate guard, but I don’t remember which upgrade I selected and whether or not the upgrade sound/graphic was played/shown


Thanks @Mysterio. Yeah, #1 is a longstanding bug that’ll get fixed before release. #3 is almost certainly that you switched away from your Gang post-guard-kill, but pre-upgrade-selected. The game prompts you to upgrade your Gang every time you select him, if he has an unspent upgrade point.

#2 sounds like a new bug. I’ll look into it!


Since the new patch, I am getting wrecked in just about every match I have going.

Thanks @Goatgoatgoat , moving that lantern production on the tech tree has been horrible for me. :p


Not to muck up the league thread but I have a few qs about stuff I could not gleam from the store page or official website:

  • Is it good?
  • Is the singleplayer good too?
  • Will there be cross-platform mp?
  • How long does a match usually last?



Very good so far, its on track to be my game of the year!
Single player story has not been added yet. It is all MP or vs AI.
No idea about cross platform.
15 turns seems to be the average.


Do you think the AI is only useful for mp training or fun/challenging on its own?


Right now its a training tool, @Goatgoatgoat has said there will be more difficulty settings for the AI in game.


Yes, every platform we support can play against every other platform. Currently, and at launch, Antihero runs on Mac and Windows. A couple months after launch, it’ll be on iOS and Android as well. (Also, your multiplayer games travel with your account, so you can e.g. start a match on your home PC and continue it on your phone.)


@Mark_L @Tim_N , did you guys pick it up? I’ll send invites if so. :)

Game unlocks in 8 days, and the 20% sale ends April 3rd.

@Goatgoatgoat when will us Itch buyers get steam keys?

And that 50hr mark, so good!


Thanks for the replies @lordkosc and @Goatgoatgoat.

I have not picked it up but planning to closer to release. I’ll post on the thread when I do to be ready for some mp action.