Of course you did. :) The damn guys kept slithering away


Am I in the middle of a game with anyone? I’m out of town.


@geggis, are you back and ready to get your arse whooped ? :p


Haha, I am yes, just been quite busy these let few days so not wanted to start too many games! Chuck an invite my way though good sir! ;)


If you beginners want to beat up on someone who played a lot of the early access (but has forgotten everything since), send me a challenge.

Game name is Gruntled



Also up for challenges should anyone want a marginally skilled opponent. I can say my random matches have been not going so well. :)


GG @Tyjenks , you nerfed yourself getting all them bribes so early.


@lordkosc and @geggis I am away this coming week, thus delaying my demise in the games we’re playing. Apologies, not sure if there’s a timing out of MP games or not. I decided not to bring my laptop on vacation. If they timeout, I will send challenges again in a week. Thanks.


No worries! I think games timeout after three days so send an invite when you’re back. Enjoy your vacation @tylertoo! :)


Yeah, that’s the game in which I decided to maybe not do that ever again. ;)

Good game


gg @ron_debry, did you hit the bank trap with all your thief moves? I have been doing that alot in my games, and it seems really effective if pulled off. As it seemed to really slow you down. :)
You had many lanterns!


I’ve only played a couple of games since firing this back up, and I’m struggling to re-establish enough planning discipline to make sure I don’t come up 1 move short (which obviously means I often cripple myself by being 1 move short…). Doesn’t help that I don’t fully understand how this new map works. I had no idea one could claim both palace prizes in the same turn. I’d have certainly trapped the stockades - not that it would have made any difference in the long run.


Back from vacation. Sent new invites to @geggis, @lordkosc, @Tyjenks so you can pad your win totals!


gg @geggis , the struggle was real as you tried to get that 1 last lantern. :p

DENIED said the game! And my glorious victory preceded.

How I felt after I read your in game comment:


Oh, I thought that was the GAME laughing at me!

I was this close :) gg!


I really should stop taking turns when I wake up first thing.

I’ve been playing a ranked Masquerade map over the last week and pretty much got it stitched up. This morning: totally screw my turn up (if there’s one map where I just lose my mind, it’s Masquerade) so I suspect there to be a loss when I get home. Gah.

The other bad thing about this practice is that it puts me in a bad mood before I’ve even left the house!


GG @geggis!


Looks like between getting ready to go watch the eclipse, watching the eclipse, and catching up from missing a day of work to watch the eclipse, my Antihero games timed out.

I may just let it be for now - I was struggling to regain the mental discipline needed to play this game well.


I need to up my game! Between Splatoon 2 and OTC, my head’s not been working very well with Antihero of late!



Yeah with the fall influx of new games, and myself at already 150+ hours played I am probably going to cut back on time spent with Antihero, I am still playing 20 games a week.