gg @geggis , the coin income I had once the bank was up and running was immense, and far enough out of the way to be nice and safe.


gg @Otthegreat , getting better every time we play.


gg! I was really trying to think of a way to beat you to the last vp, but there simply wasn’t enough time for me to kill the target and deliver the bribes. That thug you placed in front of the Agency was a pain!


@geggis Stop killing my gang!


No! Your gangs need pacifying all the time.


gg @Otthegreat! Steam went down this morning during my Chaos Reborn turn hence why that wasn’t taken.

Send me another Antihero invite! :-)

@Goatgoatgoat really loving the new map btw. Bribes aren’t a foregone conclusion now! I think @lordkosc is seeing if he can win the map without any ;-)


gg! Invite sent. I probably shouldn’t have ignored the heirlooms all game, considering you got 3 vps out of that alone!


gg @Otthegreat , I new it was gonna be over once I saw you had both churches near the end.


gg, that was a close one! I was lucky to have both those churches since you managed to keep the Agency pretty well locked down all game.


I know @lordkosc didn’t win because there’s no screenshot ;-)

Glad to have you playing Otthegreat. Nice to have a new player around here!


Its some kind of game error, my screenshot key doesn’t work when I lose!


Haha, I meant to take a screenshot, but forgot the game disappears as soon as you submit the final turn.

And thanks, @geggis! It’s been fun getting back into the game.


gg @belouski!

The mistake I mentioned was that I had the resources to kill the assassination target and take the church last turn. I just kept getting distracted and killing your guys who hit my traps. A bit of a comedy of errors on all sides towards the end of that one. I’ve started up another so we can redeem ourselves!


Yeah I’ve noticed @geggis really likes going after gangs. Fine, if I can’t have one neither can you! :)


@Otthegreat I mean not only does he charge my gang in like 5-6 turns he blocks me in my HQ. @geggis is so rude! ;)


I’ve found against most players that leaving gangs unchecked is dangerous! They’re incredibly powerful as a money earner, assassin, truancy officer and thug. They can also be good decoys :-D


I won’t disagree with you there. That’s why I’d prefer mine stay alive more than a single turn :)

And gg @lordkosc! That one was really close, but I had just enough money to pull off an assassination and church in a single turn.

Also, proof that you can let your opponent get two gangs and still win.


I really love how churches shift the power around in Antihero. Holding them is a VP buffer and gives you a little pocket change each turn. If you’ve infiltrated them with a couple of urchins then you’re only three coins away from a VP – and are two urchins really worth a truancy officer? Going all in and grabbing the VP is a sure fire way of forcing your enemy to sink some lanterns/coin into evicting them. That blackmail VP is a powerful motivator and psychological obstacle because it gets them a little closer to victory… but can be taken back. They’re a really smart building.


Seriously half of this match vs @geggis was of him abuseing me. That sweet victory in the end was so much sweeter when he told me he lost by 1 lantern. GG sir! :D

Looking at the map again, why didn’t you go for your church VP?


Chance lanterns when I need coin god damn it!

Great game! :-D