This looks awesome gamewise. But man, that big head art style… I really dont like that at all. its a tough hurdle to get over.


Lovin’ it so far! The strategy light bulbs are starting to illuminate!


The funny thing is I hated that style when I first saw used in Don’t Starve, and it totally drove me away from the game. For some reason it works for me here.


He said as he kicked tgb’s ass.


hmm, that gives me hope. It drove me away from playing more of Dont Starve it was just so ugly* I couldnt bear to look at it any more. Glad to hear it doesnt bug you in this game. Sod it. I will buy it :)

*ugly to me, yeah I know many folks out there think Dont Starve is great looking. More power to them.


@tgb123, what’s your in-game name? Imma ready for some async games!

Edit: Just ‘Tgb’? I’m up against someone called Tgb…


That’s me. I’m tgb everywhere else but when I registered here I was told it was taken. Good luck


Don’t play @Left_Empty! I think he’s played at least 100 games against the AI and is merely toying with me as I come up to speed on the strategy. :-p


Says the guy who routinely uses me as a punching bag.


I am about to be taught a lesson by the game’s designer (I hesitate to refer to him as “Goatgoatgoat”, but that’s who he is!), I think.
I was leading 3 to 0 in our game (BRAGGING RIGHTS), but I am running out of momentum and actually at a loss about how to score those last 2 points, while he built up his “industry”.
That little game is very intriguing!


The second game I played was against him. It was an education.


I learned a very valuable lesson already: as in Go, where you are taught to not touch the stone until you have decided your definitive move, one shouldn’t touch the mouse in Antihero until he has decided the course of his actions for the current turn! Every single move matters so much.


I’m still trying to win without getting a Gang from the get-go. I’ve tried it twice against you, now, and it’s failed horribly both times. :-(

EDIT: At least the devs are going to reduce the starting HPs of Thugs from 2 to 1.


Yes, although I love my thugs very much, I was very relieved reading about that nerf.

Some of the attention to details is just lovely in this game, like how the mob that constitute your gang’s shadow grow in size each time you add a thug.


It’s a lot more polished than I would expect what is, effectively, a one-man show to be


Man, the two games I’m playing against tgb and Mysterio are on the same map, started at the same time, so I’m getting very confused with my overall ‘plans’. Excited at all the possibilities here!


I assume more maps are on the way.


Would love to hear more from you all about this game. Maybe a story of something that happened in one of your multiplayer games that you really dug?


Actually, in my experience, about every single move is so important, I find it very hard to narrate!
So far my favorite game was one where I was leading outrageously. The goal of the game is to grab a number of trophies per map. I had grabbed 3 of the 5 needed to secure victory on this one. But then, my opponent hadn’t been merely spectacting all this time, and began an all-out counter-attack. There were thugs, urchins, gangs everywhere. He was absolutely locking me in a small corner of the map. When I spotted an asset of his I wanted to attack to annoy him, I could only notice how behind I was to my pretentions on the “technology” track.
I eventually won the game with a very slight advantage, by simply cashing in lanterns, in every way I could, as to “buy” the trophies I lacked. I won the game, but I sure didn’t feel like the better player.

Somewhat related to that, I remember a game versus Mysterio where I definitely was winning, no contest. But the darn thug decided to beat on my urchins in every way possible in the last few turns, just for the sake of being mean! My victory sudenly had a really bitter taste as I couldn’t protect them efficiently. This, I think, speaks to the theme of the game being very nicely integrated in its mechanics.


I can’t imagine you not loving this game as the only things left to chance are:

  1. whether you receive 2 gold or 1 lantern from a dark building or large money sack
  2. the type and location of the business building within a district