The AI has supposedly been beefed up quite a bit. I plan to start a skirmish game against it later.


Not sure yet, still playing MP games.

And my first official win now that its live on STEAM.


I’m learning the game and am on the 3rd or 4th scenario in the campaign. Seems like a cool little game so far.


Yep, there is a city map to take over , its the SP portion of the game. A bit tutorial and story combined, I like it. It will get your feet wet for when you dive into MP.



The AI improved, but it will be no match to an educated player. It isnt a total pushover though. The game shines in mp, and it is asynch like you like it.


@lordkosc - I liked your review on Steam.


Looking forward to playing this one (I didn’t have time yesterday and I’m not sure when I’ll have time, but it’s installed and ready to go, thanks to @RichVR ).

I might even try some MP with you guys. We’ll see. ;)


Make your mind up, lol. :p


Yeah, that’s the hard part. I won’t make promises I’m not sure I’ll keep, but I’ll try my best to enjoy the game and perhaps play with you all. ;)


Picked this one up and on the 3rd map in the tutorial. So far it’s really fun and I’m enjoying it tons!


This has probably been asked, but I was kind of waiting on this thread until it was released, but Will I get murdered in MP because so many have played for so long during the early access phase?


We have hundreds of new players pouring in, so there’s plenty of new blood!

(Also, Casual Match - the default multiplayer game mode - uses a trueskill-esque skill ranking system for matchmaking, so you shouldn’t get thrown into bossfights against lordkosc till you’re ready :)


Cool thanks. There is little doubt that I will buy it. I wanted to mentally prepare for how much possible disappointment I would face. :)


I still have a buddy key if you want to give it a try.



I dunno, I have 20 active games, some of them are very new to the game ;).

I expect no less than this from all of you owners on QT3.


Heh, well we may need to tune our matchmaking a bit then. One thing is that the “quality” requirements for an automatch get loosened over time, and go away after an hour of being in the queue, so you’re always guaranteed to find a match, if there’s at least one other person waiting.

I’ll be poking at the params in the coming weeks, after things have settled down!


Are we orgnaizing games here? I played a few missions in the campaign and my first skirmish which is enough for me to feel ready to lose horribly to someone here. My account name is Porousnapkin in game, up for an asynch game!


Invite sent, might as well be tossed into the fire @porousnapkin .


Also sent an invite, but I’m not sure I qualify as a fire.