I am intrigued by this and enjoying it so far, although I managed to lose the third tutorial scenario so my suckage is apparent. Looking forward to striving toward mediocrity.

By the way, this runs smooth as silk on my dinky little 5-year old laptop, so a good travel game. It also is very alt-tab friendly, and doesn’t suffer if you hibernate your PC with the game still in progress.

I’m not ready for MP. But soon.


The number of times I follow @tylertoo into a thread reflecting our shared interests is a little disturbing. :) There must be powers involved in sharing the name “Tyler”.


They ratcheted up the difficulty on the campaign mission Three Corners, where you need to take out 3 gangs before being able to defeat Gashford. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Gashford just needed 1 more lantern to buy a bribe that would have won him the game. On my turn I was able to grab it and injure a contract victim with a rookie gang of mine. Without his gangs Gashford didn’t have anyone to kill the contract and I took her out the next turn.

My situation was getting worse though as Gashford and kicked my urchins out of just about all of the builds and he was pretty much running the town. If I didn’t get the win when I did he would have snowballed me to the point where I couldn’t make a dent in his holdings and come back.


Hello lovely Qt3 Antiheroes!

Ok, so the post-release dust has finally settled. The game’s getting reviewed well, but we haven’t gotten any of the big kid publications to review it yet, and we have fewer players than we hoped for.

BUT we’re in this for the long haul. (Next big steps are localization followed by the iOS and Android versions.)

If you’re playing and enjoying, please do leave a Steam review. It really helps boost the game’s visibility!

Also, I place a lot of weight on the opinions of this forum - much more so than the average Steam player. My feeling is that Qt3 types are pretty representative of the game’s core audience. So: please continue to share criticisms and feedback about the game!


Are you playing on Hard? I too was challenged on that map, probably the hardest of the entire campaign for me.

@Goatgoatgoat , well my steam review earned you 7 more sales of the game, from steam friends who told me that I sold them on it. I was a bit surprised so many people PMed me telling me they bought it after my review. I didn’t think I wrote anything out of the ordinary.


Haha, lovely! Thanks kosc!


I haven’t checked to see if @tomchick received a key for this, I assume he has. Maybe we can grease his palms with some stolen coin and lantern oil and he will stream it on Friday. :)


He appears to own it, but I assumed he simply got a key to every game released. :)

I’m downloading now.


Heck no, not yet! I’m just getting my feet wet. It didn’t help that it took me a while to realize I needed to concentrate on killing his gangs quickly.


Perhaps, although my actual name is not Tyler nor anything close to it. Years ago, when I first needed a forum name somewhere (probably for Age of Wonders Heaven fan site) I had a dog named Tyler, and also knew of the famous political slogan, and came up with tylertoo. It stuck.

But we digress! @Goatgoatgoat I will post a steam review but want to wait until I have about five hours, so my comments will seem to have more value. I hope sales pick up.


As soon as I typed that, I figured “His name isn’t Tyler. I don’t know that is the case at all”. :)

I am quickly up to Chapter 10 in the campaign on Normal. I think I have had 2 or 3 defeats and I quickly surrendered twice early on. This is a lot of fun as I expected it would be. :)


I posted my review up last night, after 4.5 hours of play on Steam, and prefaced it with ‘Some 100+ hours in and I’m still hooked on Antihero’.

First comment: ‘but… you have 4.5 hours on record?’

Did that person think I was just whipping hours out of my arse or something? I was going to mention First Access in the review but I thought ‘Nah, everyone’s aware of Early Access and closed and open alphas and betas these days, right?’ Sigh. I should know better.

Second comment from @lordkosc: ‘geggis is just bad at math’


I’m trying to get some traction with the Chaos Reborn community but only had one bite so far. A few more people have shown interest though. In case the Classic Chaos fight-to-the-death game over my buddy key doesn’t come about, is anyone else here on Qt3 wanting in on Antihero right now?


I am not surprised: the RNG fluctuations are too small, Antihero is like baby mode to those freaks who dont put their computer into pieces everytime they launch Chaos Reborn!


Not that I know of… :(

I gave my spare key to ilikepi but he won’t be able to play till the weekend. He has been a steam friend since the TeamFortress 2 days, good kid, almost done with college. Be gentle if you come across him in MP.


I don’t know, when you consider the building placement, henchman spawning, contract spawning and movement, mask spawns, art or jewellry spawns, and the chance of getting a lantern instead of coin (this will screw you up at some point!), there’s a fair bit of RNG here too.

Chaos Reborn’s RNG is strictly tied to your deck and what order its dealt, your summon percentages and your attack percentages. That’s pretty much it. I think the thing that pisses people off with it is the roll is invisible and the result instant: success or fail. Bam. It wears its RNG on its sleeves and doesn’t hide it.

Armello, which is hugely popular compared to CR, I’d argue is even more RNG-tastic. The difference with it is that rolls build and decay, there’s a buffer between success and failure; a literal dice roll, a coin toss, pieces being eliminated one by one. It’s cosmetic but it’s enough to make players feel ‘better’ about failure and adds a tinge of excitement to the process. It doesn’t necessarily change the RNG though.

I’m kind of fascinated by the relationship between RNG and how its perceived and experienced. This might be a thread topic in itself actually…

Edit: I do agree with you though; Antihero’s moment-to-moment play is almost entirely deterministic but the board is laced with RNG elements that can really throw the spanner in the works.

Edit edit: I suppose Antihero’s RNG is in external and indirect factors, while CR’s is internal and direct.


@Goatgoatgoat the new episode of Gamers With Jobs devotes a lot of time to Antihero, all of it favorable. Congrats.


w00t! thanks for the heads up!


Starts at about the 12 minute mark.


Finished the campaign on normal last night. A ton of fun and I love the boardgamey feel and how everything works. The campaign does a great job of introducing all of the mechanisms at the right pace.

Will take a stab at playing with live people tonight. I am not a huge fan of asynchronous play as my brain barely retains what I did five minutes ago, much less what I did on the previous turn in one of a series of four or five games. I did it with Ascension only because that game was perfect. We’ll see how perfect Antihero is. ;)


I like to think of turns in Asynctihero as self-contained puzzles (the game is designed to show expose (almost) all its state on the map screen, for quick grokking when returning the next day or whatever).

That said: there’s also a Live Match mode that plays in realtime, which has been – surprisingly, to me – much more popular than async mode since launch.