Patch notes today, and apparently a secret code?


AS you may imagine real time is challenging for many due to dumb kids or significant others interrupting. :)

I am going to give it a fair shot especially since the game is pretty amazing and I’d like to reward that and you’ve mentioned you could use more peeps.

I should be Tyjenks on there if any of you want to shoot me a challenge. If that’s how it works.


It is indeed how it works and I’ll shoot you a challenge provided I can login to Steam this evening.

Apologies to porousnapkin and lordkosc, but I couldn’t log into Steam last night. So, I’ll see if I can get my turns in this evening.


No worries, I am in 1 turn per day mode myself, as I am busy with work this week/weekend.


I saw you. Nicely done.


@Tyjenks Consider yourself challenged.


Casual leader boards please me, even won a game vs Masschoas this week.


I don’t know how you have so many games on the go! I’m pushing 6 simultaneously and I’m struggling to remember previous moves/spends to inform my actions.

I just beat Myll_Erik, which was a tough game, and a few other games I’m wrapping up. I don’t think I’ve been beaten since release though, somehow.


@geggis our current game together has been brutal. Stay on your side of the map! Don’t make me get level 4 thugs! :p

Yeah I had 22 games active on release day, if it was a new player I was gentle and gave tips, even resigned twice because they were just clueless and jumped in before touching the tutorial/campaign.

I find I am able to finish most games in <10 turns right now, except you, Masschoas and Papa Francisco. Where they push into the 15-20 turn range. I’ve beaten Myll_Erik the 3 times I’ve played him, which pleases me.

My current Masschoas game, has him with both trade houses and the freaking bank on his side of the boatmap. :( And its only turn 4 and I feel I’ve lost, heh.

Oh hey look, we have Patreon watermarks on our avatars today! :O


I asked one guy if he’d played the campaign because it was about turn 5 and he hadn’t infiltrated a single building yet. His response was ‘No’ then ‘Just kill me now’. Ooof.

It’s the late game that gets really nerve-racking because it can swing so wildly if you screw up a turn. You and I are approaching it kosc.

Yeah, I noticed the Patreon stamps earlier! Pretty cool.


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve lost the third campaign scenario now three times, all on easy. I’m clearly not getting something. I’m going to try again. Is there a way to have my game evaluated by one of you veterans? Some sort of replay or log that could be looked at?


Whats the scenario? I forget… :p

Is it the 3 gangs mission?


It’s the one with all the churches. The key is to quickly work up to a truant officer so you can kick the AI out of a church as soon as it’s occupied. In my game I coupled that with occupying the churches I could myself. In fact I got the AI caught in a loop (would have been infinite if I hadn’t eventually won) where it kept scouting a particular church I controlled turn after turn, never learning that I was replacing the booby trap every time.


Thats pretty much what I did also playing on Hard, also make sure to get your gang leveled up and earning you coin.

Scratch that , thinking back I never used a truant officer. I just took over 3 churches before the AI did, and then trapped the 1 that was in the center.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

So is this game puzzly like this? Where you have to find the optimal answer, as opposed to there being multiple ways to victory?


I would say more so in the campaign as compared to skirmish games against the AI or real people. I don’t remember what I did in that scenario. I do remember losing it once and surrendering early once.

So I have beat the AI on Hard 3 times while waiting for people to take their turns. It is good for practice, but once you figure things out, to me, it seems like humans are a necessity to extend the replayability. I am sure you developer people already know that, but I wanted to give my 2 cents. :)


Yeah, the AI still has some blind spots. I don’t anticipate it ever being as good as a skilled player, but I’ll continue to improve it!

Multiplayer is the game’s raison d’être - I just really really wanted to see more async multiplayer games with unique designs - but I’m very committed to the singleplayer stuff as well, both because it serves as an on-ramp for players who won’t PvP till they’ve learned the ropes, and because there are those who simply aren’t into online play at all.

The coming weeks/months will be interesting as I get the Android and iOS versions ready for launch, and begin working on expanding the existing content. Focus first on more singleplayer stuff (like some sort of endless mode)? Or on multiplayer (additional maps; a 3+ player FFA mode, etc)? Time (and analytics and player feedback!) will tell!


@Goatgoatgoat I hadn’t followed the game at all until now (thread title didn’t really tell me this was going to be the kind of turn based game I really enjoyed). But now that I’ve watched the launch trailer and read the reactions of players, I’m really looking forward to giving the game a try.

It looks charming and the gameplay seems like just my cup of tea.

Quick question: Does the Steam store offer a multi buy at a discount? If not, have you considered it? I can see this game being of interest to my kids and some boardgamer and strategy gamer friends of mine. And if there was a multipack available with a decent discount, I might be tempted to get that and help spread the word to their friends.



I believe Steam no longer allows multiple copy game packs.


It doesn’t, sadly - but only because Valve told us they’re not doing that sort of thing anymore. We asked to create a discounted 2-pack bundle, and they rejected the request :(