Ah, pity. I would think that was a nice way to help indie games gain more visibility and sales. Thanks for letting me know.


What I want most of all, is a map editor. There were some fine quality assets in the campaign I’d love to see on the MP maps.

Oh and I got the black plague achievement last night, so come at me people, and try for my deadly disease!


I imagine it is a challenge to know on what to focus next. I definitely did not have any issues playing asynchronously last night and was enjoying it. I think a lot of people will love the game if you can get the word out. I’ll try to continue to give feedback as I play and as time allows.

I have three games going now. Two with folks here and one automatch. I intend to play more over the weekend.

I am assuming the iOS/Android versions will not play cross platform with the PC people? I can easily see myself getting it on iPad and playing there even more frequently if I can pry it out of my daughter’s hands.

Good luck regardless. It is a wonderful design for multiple reasons.


That’s on the table as well! The editor is pretty janky, so I’d have to clean it up a bit - the bigger question is how best to support player-created maps in the game’s multiplayer. (Obviously there’s lots of precedence in other games, but the best solutions are a lot of work.)


I’m happy to say you have mis-assumed! Cross-platform play, from any supported platform to any other supported platform. You can even start an MP game on your PC and continue it on your phone or tablet!


Hooray for me being dumb! That is awesome. Kudos and stuff on that! ;)


So much awesome! I’d buy it again on my ipad!


I will be all over the Android version like melted butter on corn.


Yeah, I’ve been playing this and quite liking it, but it feels like it will be a really exceptional tablet game.


RPS Loves them some Antihero:


Hurrah! I’m glad folk are enjoying Antihero because it deserves all the attention it can get.

I got someone else from the Chaos Reborn community to pick it up and a few more people over there are looking more closely at it now as a result.

Really looking forward to the mobile versions too, Antihero seems like the perfect fit. I used to love playing Frozen Synapse on my PC and tablet, at home and on my breaks at work, respectively. I wonder whether my other half will check it out on Android…


Yes, this helped. Won on my fourth try. And, better yet, the game really started to make sense and I moved along at a fast pace. In fact, I walloped the AI. What great fun. Would absolutely buy on iOS when it is out.

I’m ready to try some MP, especially against a veteran who might be able to lend advice, during or after. Thanks. Nickname is Tylertoo, (unlike here, first letter capitalized).


I’ll send you a game invite later tonight.


I’m sending one as well.

Maybe only a bad run with the RNG, but all 4 of my initial casual matches have been with the Wharf. Two were my invites two were from someone else.


My first three casual games were on the map with the palace, the next two (including yours) the wharf.

I would have no problem buying a dlc package that included more maps (hint hint).


Yeah, I figured it was just dumb luck. :)


Who wants to be my first human opponent in this and my 2nd multiplayer opponent in years? Does anyone want to send me an async invite?

Edit: I just created an account (just realized I needed to) with the name RobC04.


Do I need to create a new account for the steam version? I tried to have a password reset message sent but it tells me there is no such email address in the system (I used the same email address I was using for the version)


@robc04 Consider yourself challenged.


Feel free to send me one @robc04 if you want several games going. :)