Got it! Thanks.
It’s funny but I get more nervous playing a game online against a person than I do when I play a game of tennis in my league. I don’t know why! It’s probably kept me from having a lot of fun playing some games against Qt3ers.


I’ll send you one after we finish my first game or I start to feel comfortable enough to get 2 games going at once. Thanks!


Ahh screw it, we can start up a game :-)


We did a database wipe right before we moved to Steam, so you gotta create a new one


Sent you an invite also. Feel free to turn down if you have too many. Feel free to accept for an easy win.


Got it and took my first turn. Actually when I saw tylertoo on the game invite in my brain I thought it said Tyjenks since he said he wanted to start one up. In any case we have a game now :-)


:) We’re trying to keep you on your toes @robc04!

So @lordkosc, I’ve already made a mistake on the second turn. Why couldn’t I have done that against someone else. ;)


Between playing the campaign and 4 games I can’t remember which game this is, but there is one I feel like I am definitely in trouble already.

I just wrapped up the campaign and it was pretty darn fun. Great job @Goatgoatgoat introducing the new concepts and making the process interesting.

There were two missions that were pretty challenging - Three Corners (the one with the 3 ‘gangs’), and the last one. It took me 4 or 5 tries to beat the last one. The try before that the bastard picked up 2 victory points the turn before I would have killed him for the 3rd time.


I think I just sent an invite to all the people playing here. If you didn’t get one from me, please shoot me a challenge!

I got a super lucky break vs Belouski where I think every element of the RNG was in my favor. Two assassin marks deep in my territory and two churches right next to my home let me do a blitz to 5 vp. We hardly interacted! Might be a fluke of the Big City setup.


I’ll accept your invite, but I think I want to finish up 1 or 2 of the games I’m in the middle of now if that’s OK with you.


Well, I went and accepted yours too. I’m having too much fun.

I just played my first AI skirmish game and it wasn’t too difficult on normal.


My 7 year old boy wanted to play, so wtf I let him play on easy… I coached him a bit, but he breezed through the 2nd - 4th tutorial levels… I was impressed, he picked up on the rules and the strategy pretty quickly. He really enjoyed it, and he usually has a really short attention span. He really liked the british sound bites lol…


Hmmm, my 10 year old son hasn’t really gotten into strategy games - he games like Rayman. Maybe I’ll have to introduce this one to him. I’d like to brainwash… mmm I mean show him that strategy games are fun so we can play them together.


That got a laugh out of me.

I’ll not be taking any more games on until a few I’m currently playing have wound down!

The building names are one of my favourite things about Antihero because it adds so much flavour. So… what’s everyone’s favourites? For me it’s Ghastly Toot. Makes me chuckle every time.


Yep, I should have gone after your churches as soon as I saw them, but I don’t know if I could have gotten to either one in time.


I seem to be having quite a few horrible games vs you new people, accidentally clicking thug when I want an urchin, not being able to count 3 spaces correctly when scouting, picking the wrong gang upgrades. Map RNG giving me buildings placed in not easy to get to corners of the map. Grrrrr.

@geggis , yes Ghastly Toot pleases me also, especially when its on a Church. I imagine looks of consternation from people , as the toot is fully released. ;)

I saw Pig-on-Egg the other day, on one of my trade houses, brought a smile to my face and hunger to my stomach.


Two questions:

Can you move your gang after attacking? Some people seem to be attacking and then their gang disappears. I may have the understanding of how that works mixed up.

Do you ever have a time when you want to move a Thug to guard a space, the space is surrounded by others and you cannot actually click on the space as it is obscured. I kept clicking and zooming in, but I couldn’t get him to move there.


You can thug guard a gang and even move them back 1 extra spot if your thief has a turn remaining in his moves pip bar…

Your gang _> Your Thief _> Your Thug _> Enemy You want to kill.

Your gang will attack 3 spaces ahead, then retreat behind your thief. Its helpful in keeping the gang alive if its low on health. If your thief doesn’t have any moves remaining it would look like this:

Your gang _> Your Thug _> Enemy You want to kill.


Oohhh, that is good to know. Thanks lordkosc!


Count me in for multiplayer matches! I’m new! Probably hopeless :-P

I’m Lykurgos in-game, will accept all unreasonable challenges.