True, I am amazed we are passed 20 turns now, I haven’t had a game go this long in a few weeks.

Playing this one guy online, he has hit 3 of my last 3 traps, he even said they are too powerful and shouldn’t take away all the thief moves, heheheh.

I am going for the 5 traps in 1 game achievement now with him, I don’t even care if I win! :D


This is my thoughts as well I like the Big City because of the lack of a unique map aspect.

I need to re-read your post @lordkosc as I am still not smart enough to manipulate the gang as you described previously. :)


What @lordkosc is talking about is what I recently explained to @tylertoo in our current game. You position your thug in front of the target you wish to hit with your gang. Place the gang on the other side of the thug and attack your target. The thug will step aside, your gang will attack, then the gang will return to their original position leaving the thug between your gang and the target. This is a really handy buffer for protecting your gang. You can exploit this mechanic further by using your thief or more thugs so your gang returns two or more tiles back, although I think this is probably a bit excessive!


Aha! Now I get it. No offense to @lordkosc. :)


Nice game @Lykurgos. It got a bit heated there at the end! You almost blocked me off so I couldn’t get the win.

Well played @lordkosc! For a while it wasn’t a matter of if you’d win, but a matter of when :-)


Got myself re-registered and am ready to dive back into this. I sent a few invites, but am happy to play more.


I’d shoot you an invite, but I am going to be out next week. Welcome back to the fold.


I guess I’m going to get this game. Any good videos/articles on strategy or something to get me up to speed?


I’m ready for more games if anyone I have or haven’t played wants to shoot me a challenge. I would say my real person games have been at best uneven. :)


The campaign does a great job introducing the different options you have. Then you can play @lordkosc or @tgb123 and have them slaughter you.


That describes me pretty well too!


So, uh, @lordkosc and I reached turn 28. The city was barren, devoid of coins, and there was nothing left to research either. Look at our lanterns! Around turn 20 I thought I was going to lose my grip on the lead but attrition (and charity!) saved the day against the tyranny of lordkosc’s 4HP thugs…


That bank saved you, and was fought over greatly as you know, many traps got me. I held and lost both churches. My urchins did their best to evict, but to no avail.

I got the achievement for 12+ evictions during this game. And made you pay for every inch once I saw I was going to lose. :p


Gimmee a break. This is what spawned at the start of my turn:


Oof. Well you’re not going towards the docks any time soon! Did you work your way towards those jewels at Fattened Tot? You’re in a very good position to be trapping those estates and that tradehouse.

@lordkosc no shit! I kept wanting to deal with your Strangefellows earlier on but just didn’t have the actions. Later it was the orphanage. gg sir, and well played!


This game is pretty cool


Any idea why the leader board says I haven’t played any matches? I think I’ve played 6 matches vs Qt3ers, winning around half. I assume they are casual mode games?


No idea, maybe @Goatgoatgoat can look into it when he has time.

Have you played any games vs others, that were not invite games?


Only automatch games are recorded on the leaderboard, to prevent abuse. But I’d consider changing this if people think it’s a bad idea? I’d like to err more on the side of “casual friendly” than “only hardcore may enter!” - but my concern is someone spinning up a twink (for lack of a better word? is there a less loaded term for “account that people use to powerlevel themselves”?) account and giving themselves a million wins for free.


I sometimes feel like Masschoas’s twink. :(