I’ve only played invite only games with Qt3. I don’t know if I’ll play vs. randos.


Hmm, I’m not sure what would be best. I can see people gaming the system. It would be cool if people could create custom groups or leagues where it tracked games won within the league, and also a winning percentage.


Upcoming balance changes that I’m interested in getting some feedback on from them wot play:

  • Enemy traps no longer visible when fizzling out. This was intended to give players a small sense of satisfaction at having avoided their opponent’s trap, but lots of people think it’s a bug, and I’m not sure it makes the game any better anyway. You shouldn’t be “punished” (in the form of revealed information) for setting a trap that nobody triggers.

  • Characters can pathfind thru their own guild house. This should make it much more difficult for an opponent to block you in with thugs. (Wharf may need some updating, since that guild doesn’t have a backdoor?)

  • Guardtowers that get reset have their traps removed. Duh, this one was a bug.


Ahh, OK. That makes sense. Being an aged gamer, the thought that someone would do that is both unsurprising and yet still infuriating.

I was slow taking some turns. I should be back to normal for now. Still happy to accept challenges if more people want more games. I have a mix of dominating or being dominated so far. I imagine that will all even out over time.

Still really enjoying it and happy to see good reviews and articles across several sites.


@belouski , gg sir! on your last turn, you were 1 coin short of winning? no?


Yes, we can file this under “(some) people are just the worst.” The amount of time, money, and effort that goes into securing online games against griefers, hackers, trolls, and the like is… annoying, to put it mildly.

On the upside, the Antihero server has a rather humorous “naughty nicknames” filter list that prevents people from creating usernames like “dildo”, “blumpkin”, and “queef” (among many many other less funny, genuinely horrific/hateful words). So there’s that!


Ha, I picked up two lanterns instead of gold coins, or I would have gotten it. It is comforting to see things in their proper place again.

I’m going to be gone next week, so look forward to losing to you when I return.

Sorry to everyone else as I stale out of our games.


It was nice to be thoroughly and utterly destroyed by you @lordkosc . :)

I’m going to start challenging some of you today, if you do not want another game feel free to decline and you won’t hurt my feelings. :)


@Tyjenks Was a very interesting match, as I only got kill VPs.

I was pretty much trapped on my side of the map for 5 turns as 4 assassination targets in a row spawned and got killed by me, so many henchmen , I was able to level up both my gangs to max, which you finally got to see at the end.

I saw you hit my trap on the 2nd trade house on turn 4 if I recall, and I and was pleased. :)


On my side it seemed more like a quick yet painful slaughter in which you struck with precision. :)


Those changes sound fine to me, particularly the last fix! :) I’ll kind of miss that little bit of satisfaction from missing traps though. If it looked more like a bomb ‘fizzle’ then perhaps it wouldn’t be mistaken for a bug or something? I dunno.

I’d like to see maybe a back alley or two on Wharf. Love those on Big City.


I strongly put my say toward the bomb fizzle remaining, nothing more satisfying knowing that the enemy wasted coin, also that they are tempted to use the trap mechanic.

Gonna really miss thug blocking people in their HQs. But its a bit of a dick move, hence why I do it if I can. :p


4HP thugs. Never forget.


Yeah I’m somewhat chagrined to say that I just played against an opponent who trapped me inside my house with a near-endless supply of 4 HP thugs, and that was when inspiration struck…


Yeah, I hear you, and that was the motivation for the visible-opponent-trap-fizzles. I’ll keep giving it thought (& soliciting opinions…)


@Goatgoatgoat Making sure you saw this:


In terms of not losing to him, I find the best strategy is to not take your turn. It’s served me pretty well so far.



Or, define your own terms for winning, like lasting 10 turns.



I am on vacation this week, so hit me up for some games!


@Goatgoatgoat over the weekend I visited a boardgaming cafe and one of the staff recommended a game called ‘Revolution!’ which, after he presented and explained it (and before we chose something else), I remarked how much it reminded me of Antihero as far as a cursory look over the visuals (including the font!) and some of the themes and mechanics go. A bomb on the cover, bribing, blackmailing, a dock, inns, holding buildings to accumulate coins. I know these aren’t exactly unique elements but they did stick out together. Was there any influence there?