Surprisingly - no. Antihero’s primary game influences are Civilization and Hero Academy for mechanics, and Thief and Dishonored for aesthetic bits. (I didn’t actually think of Antihero as a “board game” until pretty late in development, which is funny in hindsight. For a long time, in my head, it was simply “fast-paced Civilization with thieves”.)

Was Revolution! any good?

(I do think I’ve played it at least once, a while back, so it’s possible some of it seeped into my consciousness, though I attribute similarities more to the fact that there are a bunch of obvious game verbs you pick if you’re making a game about roguery :). That said, I would really love to make a game about a revolution at some point in the future. “Tale of Two Cities: the Game” has been in my list-of-ideas-to-pursue for years now.)


Revolution wishes it was half as good/fun as Antihero. My entire board gaming group swore it off after two games, except for the poor sap that actually bought it in the first place.


I hadn’t seen that one! Thanks @tylertoo!


We didn’t play it. Instead we played a game called Between Two Cities which was a refreshing double co-op competitive game.

Yes, there is that too!

This is exactly why I’m ecstatic that I’ve come across a boardgaming cafe because the thought of sinking so much money into a boardgame that doesn’t gain traction with friends is a sad one. Poor sap indeed. The ability to try before you buy (and then buy after you try) helps avoid that predicament!


welp , enjoy the few days off ahead @geggis, I sent you off in style! ;)

Look at all that map control you had at the end! :p

evil laugh


I forgot about this one on my desktop from a while back!

Turn 9!



Hush! I did at least have 1vp… ;)


Just saw this folks…


Fortunately I have quickly lost all of my first batch of casual games, so only one faces a wipe. @Thraeg I’ll try to play more than one move per day, but that game may be lost.

By the way, to newcomers – losing in MP is a great way to learn. Seriously. I picked up some good basics this way.


No worries. I can only play late at night, so I doubt we’ll get through it. Just start a new one after the patch.


@robc04 gg sir, I thought it was over before turn 8, you had I think 3vps and I was doing so poorly.

The 11th turn, where I was able to pull 5 extra lanterns from the map, and get the last bribe, signaled the turning point for me. :D


Yes, awesome comeback @lordkosc! I made such a heavy commitment to aggressively getting some early VPs that I knew if the game didn’t end quickly than I was going to lose. I fell 1 lantern short of being able to get that last bribe to end it. I needed some luck with burgling to do it because I didn’t have the ability to steal a masterpiece. As you can see from the map I barely had any income coming in - but it almost worked!

Again, congrats. It was a fun game. At least I won my 2 tennis matches tonight! :-)


Sorry if my turns are a bit sporadic as of late. Hope to get back on track. Still very much enjoying it, but also realizing how little of the things I used to get through the campaign will work against you creeps. Nor surprising, just need time to figure it out.


Casual games were wiped with the new patch. Send me invites plz.

Patch notes:
(Balance) Units can now move through their own guild house. This makes it easier to escape when an opponent tries to box you in with their thugs.
(Balance) Traps in Guard Towers and The Palace get removed when the Palace is burgled.
(Leaderboards) “Skill” leaderboards are now available for Casual and Live Match modes. The Skill leaderboards show your matchmaking rank value. We use a TrueSkill-like system for calculating player skill. Skill is not directly related to your number of wins - a player with a high number of both wins and losses may have a lower skill ranking than another player with a lower number of wins but very few losses. (The server has been calculating player skill since the game launched, so the skill values you see today account for all match history.)
(UI) “Transparent Buildings” hotkey. While this key is held, buildings become transparent, making it easier to see where your opponent has scouted. (You’ll need to add a keybinding in the Keyboard Controls dialog.)
(UI) Clicking on an unscouted tile that you can’t reach will show you the tiles you need to scout to get there, in grey.


@Tyjenks, I’m very far from my computer at present and will be until Friday at the earliest. Will accept your invite or send another out of it expires when I’m back ;)


Thumb pointed upward.


Damn you Kosc!!! shaking fist and your dumb little Profile pic. ;)


I am shocked its turned out like it has… SHOCKED!

I had tons of coin, and no lanterns, lol.


So close!!! Stupid church flipping.


I am home the next 4 days , could use a few game invites. :)


When the game was in beta you were only able to purchase one upgrade/turn. Now I find I can get as many as I can afford. IS this an official change, and I just missed the announcement, or is it a bug?