Oh, I thought that was the GAME laughing at me!

I was this close :) gg!


I really should stop taking turns when I wake up first thing.

I’ve been playing a ranked Masquerade map over the last week and pretty much got it stitched up. This morning: totally screw my turn up (if there’s one map where I just lose my mind, it’s Masquerade) so I suspect there to be a loss when I get home. Gah.

The other bad thing about this practice is that it puts me in a bad mood before I’ve even left the house!


GG @geggis!


Looks like between getting ready to go watch the eclipse, watching the eclipse, and catching up from missing a day of work to watch the eclipse, my Antihero games timed out.

I may just let it be for now - I was struggling to regain the mental discipline needed to play this game well.


I need to up my game! Between Splatoon 2 and OTC, my head’s not been working very well with Antihero of late!



Yeah with the fall influx of new games, and myself at already 150+ hours played I am probably going to cut back on time spent with Antihero, I am still playing 20 games a week.


I think I’m around 100 hours on itch and 25 hours on Steam. I’ve not ever played that many games at a time though!


If we had a game that timed out, I apologize. Should be regular now if anyone wants to challenge me.


@Goatgoatgoat are any new maps planned? :)

Getting burned out on the same ones over and over.


They are - I’m currently hacking through the dull jungles of localization-land, but I’d like to pop out some new content before starting the mobile port in earnest. Hoping to get localization done by early next week, and then probably do one or two variations on existing maps - i.e., some maps that don’t introduce new gimmicks (those are also planned, but a bit further down the road).

(PS: if any of you will be at PAX, come say hi - I’ll be in the PAX 10 section with Antihero.)


gg @tylertoo!

You used a lot of thugs on this map which must have really hit your coin hard! If my opponent has created a ring around the map (or I think they have), then I try to avoid thugs because they’re easy to get around. That said, you had a vicious gang lurking around. I also noticed that you used a truancy officer to evict a single urchin when my full trading house was only a few squares away! Admittedly I’d trapped it, but a saboteur would have triggered that leaving my house wide open for eviction!

The bank, double church and orphanage was a huge boon for me here, particularly the bank at the back. Tough game!


Thanks geggis, gg.

Not sure what you mean by this.

I went for that because I wasn’t sure evicting the full house would be successful. Does the size of the gang increase those odds?

To what degree is building placement on these maps randomized? Isn’t it somewhat symmetrical?


Stupid domino of scores by @lordkosc. So close…


We both need 1 more VP, can you stop meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


The ring around the map, means he could get around most of your thugs, because he’d explored the entire map, including the outside ring of streets and alleys.


Aye. Scouting ‘rings’ through the streets allows you to easily sidestep or avoid thugs blocking the way. If you can avoid dealing with thugs then that means that the opponent has to pay more for each subsequent one on the board!

Truancy officers evict everyone in a building. The only thing that can stop them, barring gangs or thugs in the way, is a saboteur trap. To avoid hitting those you can try and trap the building yourself. If it’s trapped, your saboteur will get knocked out for the turn and you’ll have a clear run for the truancy officer. If it’s not trapped then you’ll trap it making it even more difficult for your opponent to take back on their turn. Of course, saboteurs cost three coins and truancy officers eight after you’ve unlocked them so it’s quite costly to evict an entire building. Even more so to then pop an urchin in there! But the free truancy officer is a mid-game gift to cause trouble!

Gangs can only evict more than one urchin if they’re upgraded to do so. I’ve never managed to get ‘eviction gangs’ working but I try every now and then! They could be the stuff of nightmares if protected, but protected by who when they’re on their own…?

The blocks of buildings or districts are set in stone, but the position of each building on each block is randomised so you never really know where things are until you start scouting. Have a look at the screenshots @lordkosc and I have posted above to get an idea!


Didn’t realize I got this a few days ago, its gonna be a long road to 500 wins. D:


Happy to have helped you along there…


GG! So close!


gg kosc! I was lucky to hit that second trading house so soon and was able to keep your gangs at bay, for once. Around turn 12 I thought I was starting to lose my grip on the map.