1 coin with two urchins :’-(

Wall of thugs? More like the Great Wall of Thugs! It was ridiculous. I literally did lol as well.


Active games are getting wiped with Thursdays patch. @geggis, we aren’t going to finish in time!


Booo! Yeah, I did see that coming but we can start again afterwards :-)


But I have the bank on my side! It’s just not fair! :p


Saw this over on facebook, new map tomorrow!


This map addresses one of the design annoyances I have with the game: the inevitability of the Bribe victory point.

I’ve been bothered that there’s no real way to counter an opponent from delivering a bribe – you can buy a bribe preemptively, but they may be rich enough to get the next bribe. This map requires all bribes to be delivered to a location on the map which can be blocked with Thugs and trapped. In my closed playtests, it was a nice change – I’m curious to see how it plays out in real life!


I’ve been known to hit resign once I’ve realised that the opponent can win on bribes alone. It’s a somewhat sour win. Looking forward to the new map then!


Saw this on facebook, Hnnnggggg! Soon!




@Goatgoatgoat, really enjoying the new map!


Yeah, it’s very cool and makes a refreshing change!


Glad to hear it, thanks for the feedback!


I’m still in my first game so I’ve not much to report just yet.


@geggis, you might get the 5 traps achievement in our current game, I get tense and my palms sweat every time I scout something or send out an urchin. :p


So I figured I had this game totally lost around turn 10, as my opponent started thug blocking me. Then the slow takeover of all my buildings, all seemed lost, yet they failed to go for VPs. I guess they were hoping to get 3 next turn, as they had both churches. I had no coin left on my side of the map at all…

Luck was on my side as the assassination target moved across the entire map just below my HQ. But with 7 hearts! I was able to go 2 rounds grabbing 4 coin each, then my thief took out the first 2hp thug, my assassin did a 6hp attack on the target, and my gang went for that sweet 1hp of damage for the kill. The YESSSSS I emitted probably was heard around the world. :p


I already have that achievement! ;-)

Great win btw. There’s definitely a right time for breaking loose from gathering resources and chasing those VPs!


I like the adjusted email notifications! Much better at a glance in your inbox.


gg @lordkosc!

Again again!

Seems I’m getting mixed email notifications too:



Ugh it took me so long to get lantern income started, gg sir! I’ve lost 4 games on this map so far!


@Goatgoatgoat any word on release date of iOS version? Want very badly to play while recumbent and relaxed in bed.