gg, that was a close one! I was lucky to have both those churches since you managed to keep the Agency pretty well locked down all game.


I know @lordkosc didn’t win because there’s no screenshot ;-)

Glad to have you playing Otthegreat. Nice to have a new player around here!


Its some kind of game error, my screenshot key doesn’t work when I lose!


Haha, I meant to take a screenshot, but forgot the game disappears as soon as you submit the final turn.

And thanks, @geggis! It’s been fun getting back into the game.


gg @belouski!

The mistake I mentioned was that I had the resources to kill the assassination target and take the church last turn. I just kept getting distracted and killing your guys who hit my traps. A bit of a comedy of errors on all sides towards the end of that one. I’ve started up another so we can redeem ourselves!


Yeah I’ve noticed @geggis really likes going after gangs. Fine, if I can’t have one neither can you! :)


@Otthegreat I mean not only does he charge my gang in like 5-6 turns he blocks me in my HQ. @geggis is so rude! ;)


I’ve found against most players that leaving gangs unchecked is dangerous! They’re incredibly powerful as a money earner, assassin, truancy officer and thug. They can also be good decoys :-D


I won’t disagree with you there. That’s why I’d prefer mine stay alive more than a single turn :)

And gg @lordkosc! That one was really close, but I had just enough money to pull off an assassination and church in a single turn.

Also, proof that you can let your opponent get two gangs and still win.


I really love how churches shift the power around in Antihero. Holding them is a VP buffer and gives you a little pocket change each turn. If you’ve infiltrated them with a couple of urchins then you’re only three coins away from a VP – and are two urchins really worth a truancy officer? Going all in and grabbing the VP is a sure fire way of forcing your enemy to sink some lanterns/coin into evicting them. That blackmail VP is a powerful motivator and psychological obstacle because it gets them a little closer to victory… but can be taken back. They’re a really smart building.


Seriously half of this match vs @geggis was of him abuseing me. That sweet victory in the end was so much sweeter when he told me he lost by 1 lantern. GG sir! :D

Looking at the map again, why didn’t you go for your church VP?


Chance lanterns when I need coin god damn it!

Great game! :-D


gg @Otthegreat , map was in my favor with the double church, so I figured I’d harass your bank with my urchins to keep you busy, it worked! :p


gg! Yeah I have this irrational need to immediately replace any urchins my opponent has evicted. Orphanages are the worst, unless I have them of course.


iOS version is live on AppStore.


@geggis GG sir, quite a turn around that last game. :)

The 4 heart thug has won me many a game.


It’s brutal! When they come out with your “<3” or “:D” I know it’s gg!


iOS version gets a nice review.


Great news! Going to see if I can get some of my iOS friends on board. I believe it’s cross-platform play too so I should still be able to play against them through Windows.

The only criticism that’s raised in that review that I believe is a real issue, and it’s still minor, is having to go back to the menu to replay your opponent’s turn. The other UI/control problems seem more like unintentional double-tapping because nearly all actions require two presses to confirm something, unless the touchscreen version is very different, which I doubt.


And it’s on Android now too:

Time to double-dip and start playing on my lunch breaks!