This fine person decided to harass my gang for the first 5 turns of the match…

A polite gamer should allow a armistice for 5 turns or suffer this retribution. I hammed it up at the end for extra lulz. I hope they didn’t just get the game for the holiday sale. :p

Getting this on Android later today, real life productivity shall be low. :(






Is anyone else playing beside Ott, geggis, and myself? :)


Do we need to trawl the thread for all the folks who wanted it on their smart devices? I recall there being quite a few!


Ott and I have been playing some games. You’re welcome to beat up on me some as well.

I’ll probably pick it up on Android soonish.


I just picked up the Android version, and will be open for games.


I have literally no idea how this appeared in my Steam library since I don’t remember buying it, but okay then! I will be up for games as soon as I have any idea what I’m doing!


I am working my way through campaign on my iOS devices but would be up for some MP games


gg @Otthegreat , gotta spend that coin, you had a serious war chest building up.


I picked this up on Android and it’s so weird to see and hear the game in my hand after all these hours. Even my girlfriend was like ‘That’s weird!’. She’s also renamed it ‘Antisocial’ now I can play it anywhere.

I’m having a lot of trouble with Strangefellows and maxed out thugs at the moment, in my last and current game with @lordkosc, as well as in an automatch game with a rando (it just so happens that in all these games the Strangefellows was on their sides of the maps).

I’ve tried a lot of different strategies in dealing with them: gang + dagger = coin and two actions; double gang + dagger = more coin and three actions; maxed dagger = a lot of lanterns + action; assassin = a lot of coin and access; truancy officer Strangefellows = a lot of coin and access; improve access so you’re harder to trap in = lots of actions, possibly dealing with inconvenient henchmen too. All these use a lot of resources, all while your empire burns, and even if you manage to break out and do something useful… the next turn the player only has to buy another thug to reset the trap.

My feeling is that if your opponent manages to max their thugs out and trap you in, it’s pretty much game over because every turn becomes such a huge loss. It’s also a miserable loss!

So… if you find yourself in this predicament, what’s the solution aside from praying your opponent messes up or resigning and flipping a table? What’s your take lordkosc? You ran into this @Otthegreat? Since movement through your guild house was added, this hasn’t popped up in a long time but the last few games have been frustrating once the scales start tipping. There’s a lot of options but I’ve not found any that are effective at countering it apart from preventing it in the first place, which depends on a lot variables. I tend to avoid the thug path but I can feel my hand being forced…

Right, off to the pub.


Asked and answered, your Honor. :-)


I’ve found that a successful thug block (3 turns in a row) is pretty much GG. Especially if your opponent has the bank. It’s a higher level strategy imho, because I’ve seen so few players use it successfully. As we both know it indeed can be brutal and I’ve resigned more than once due to it.

My mindset as of late isn’t how I can win a match, but more how can I deny my opponent as much as possible, thus letting me win the match. :p


Maybe not in our current game but prepare for THUGMAGEDDON KOSC. DONE, OFF TO THE PUB, YEAH?


You’re an aggressive bugger. Do you think it was possible for your opponent to win before you are able thug him to submission? Playing whoever, I’ve seen a lot of people slow to go for VPs. Of course, in some maps VPs are harder to come by. However, I wonder if a really savvy thugless player could win before the the thugful is fully thugged.

I’ve been messing around with weird strategies, but they probably wouldn’t be effective against a really good player going full-thug. Of course, a better player should be able to win thug or no thug.

Perhaps this post has the most thugs in of it any post on QT3?


From personal experience trying wacky strats (mostly against @lordkosc), rushing VPs can be risky because while you’re doing that you’re often neglecting your infrastructure. I think the real art in Antihero is working out when to break off and go for broke.

In my current automatch game on Masquerade, I rushed the first two masked ball VPs, bagged a couple of assassination contracts and then reached for a final blackmail and bribe before… cough, splutter, wheeze. Thugged in. To be honest, I had no right to get a three VP lead and hold it for this long given my opponent has two trading houses, the bank, Strangefellows and a church on his side of the map but, here I am, and it’s thugs that are sealing the deal. I can’t see a way out.

Here’s my current situation:

I have +2 dagger and his max HP thugs have just gone to the pub.


That is brutal, I think its over. :(

You don’t even have the lantern upgrade to try and go for a 2nd bribe.

What if you take 2 lanterns charity, then mass coin for a cheap assasin kill? He needs 4 VPs… You might squeak it out.


Oh, and it’s his turn, not mine so that screenshot is premature :-/ I’ll update the thread when it’s my turn.

Yeah, I’ve been deliberately hoarding lanterns for a bribe and soaking up as much coin as possible for a charity assassin but, gah, this will be the tightest game if I can pull it off.


@Goatgoatgoat the end of turn screen on my Droid Nexus 5x has the end of turn message a bit bigger than the screen so it cuts off the first and last letters of the message. I think my screen is 1080p on my phone.


Thanks! Just saw that as well - I’ll be pushing out a patch that fixes that and adds iPhone X support shortly.