Ah, welcome! Feel free to shoot us invites when you’re ready for some multiplayer.

gg @belouski! I’m glad you were able to grab the jewels this game! I think the balance was skewed a little in my favour here, what with the trading house on my doorstep.


gg @lordkosc!


You getting them palace jewels a 2nd time sealed the deal.


@Otthegreat, leave me alone! You’ve got enough already! ;-)


I would, except you keep interfering with my carefully laid plans to win the game! :)


@Otthegreat did our game timeout or did you resign? It’s over :-( I had my money on you winning but we were in a really interesting position.


Sorry about that! I did resign. I thought about whether or not to for a bit, but in the end I realized I wasn’t looking forward to playing it out against your double gangs and three-health thugs. I had more vps and owned a lot of buildings, but you’d cut off the map to such an extent that I’d never have the moves or resources to do more than watch you work your way up to a win. It was well played, by the way! You managed to turn that game around really quickly.

In general, I think I might take a bit of a break from Antihero once my current games wrap up.


Ah okay, well well played! I think I’ll be taking a break from Antihero too to be honest. Been playing it for a long time now and there’s so much else in my backlog to dig into! I’ll keep the odd game or so going though.

I showed by brother over the weekend and he ended up picking it up on Android so I’m sure I’ll be playing some games against him at some point too.


I’ve been cutting back also, with less than 10 games active now, compared to my 25+ heh. I just want that last 300 wins achievement, I am at 255 right now.

I agree, so much other great stuff to play. :)

Its been great though, easily over 250 hours between Android and PC.
@Goatgoatgoat really made something special in my eyes.


Yeah, agreed. One of my games of the year, only pipped by Mario + Rabbids! Haha, and I played Breath of the Wild.


Hmmmm, not sure how I got 300 wins, maybe wins were counted before the stats screen was implemented?


Congrats! That’s a lot of Antihero!


The stats screen only tracks automatch games (to prevent stat-cheating), whereas the achievement tracks all wins – invite and automatch.

@lordkosc, @geggis, @Otthegreat, anyone else paying attention: question for you all. I’m working on a new building type, “The Powderhouse”, which is the Saboteur’s upgrade building. Level 1 gets you a Saboteur discount, as you’d expect. Level 2 should modify traps in some way, and I’m trying to work out how. My ideas thus far:

  • Traps stun units for 2 turns (wouldn’t apply to Master Thief, of course)
  • Traps kill a unit (probably too punishing)
  • Traps last forever (probably too annoying)
  • Traps last an extra turn (probably not meaningful enough)
  • Traps steal an extra gold

I’m leaning towards “+1 turn of stun”, and possibly “+1 stun, +1 gold stolen”. Obviously, the Saboteur discount will encourage that player to place more traps on the map, so I want to make sure that level 2 is meaningful but not OP or rage-inducing for the other player. Curious if you guys have thoughts; also curious if there’s any interest in doing some beta testing of the new building when it’s ready? (Should be pretty soon.)


+1 stun seems a bit OP but maybe it would be ok. I’d have to play test it. ;)
My thinking is, if I don’t kill your stunned unit this turn, I most definitely am killing him on the next turn.

What about at level 2, the trap stuns for 1 turn, and reduces the unit health by 1 or 2 hearts (this would mostly affect gangs and upgraded thugs.)


Yeah, what makes me slightly nervous about +1 stun is that it really hurts your gang - even if he doesn’t get killed, taking him out of commission for an entire extra turn kills tempo. I mean, it’d feel pretty great to do that to my opponent’s max-level gang, but I’m worried I might rage-quit if it happened to me.

I like the idea of losing a heart in theory, but that would either mean insta-killing urchins, saboteurs, and… truant officers. Truants could be given an extra heart, I suppose - though I’m not crazy about buffing the Truant just for the sake of a new building. +Stun feels cleaner to me (possible OP’ness notwithstanding.)

Maybe “+1 turn before fizzling; +1 gold on explosion” would be enough of a buff…


Yeah I could see that making a difference, and yet not being too punishing. :)


I like that. I could see the +1 turn helping out a lot. I often find myself replacing traps that fizzle out simply to continue protecting an important building.

I agree with what you and @lordkosc have already said as far as these probably being a bit too much.


Traps steal a lantern?


D: don’t you be touching mah lanterns!


I’m kinda leaning towards lantern-stealing traps. It feels impactful without being OP, and more importantly it feels like it slightly changes the flavor of Saboteur in an interesting way, which I like for a building-level-2 upgrade. But we’ll see… I’ll be play testing this stuff soon.

Edit: also, “Traps steal lanterns” is short, punchy, and easily understood. (And fitting building effect descriptions into tiny UI has been a major headache since going mobile :)