I just got this game, can’t wait to try it!


You are a beast lordkosc. I haven’t played in almost a year and just have 17 hours - most with the campaign probably. I’m pretty sure almost all (if not all) of our encounters ended up with my tail between my legs :-)


As probably the second most experienced Antihero player here, I haven’t a fraction of that. I just can’t juggle the number of games kosc has on the go. (And in Antihero!)


One of the best games I’ve had in awhile. The last 3 turns were so intense!


Ok, just got this (free from Twich Prime). Seems pretty cool, but I’ve lost the 3rd campaign (e.g. tutorial) mission three times. What the heck am I doing wrong?


Chapter 3, an Explosive Situation?




Lots of traps, he keeps going after your orphanage / church / trade house. He has 2 trade houses and the bank, so be aggressive against him.

Here was my quick recap :


I’ll try it, thanks!


Keep after his gang, he doesn’t seem interested in killing yours, so use that advantage.


I would be hesitant to take Antihero advice from @lordkosc. He’s a noob at this game, and must have just gotten lucky to beat that scenario. ;)


I beat it on my 4th try. I didn’t really do anything all that different, but he was less aggressive with his child-takers or whatever they’re called. And I got a bit lucky with having traps in the right place when he did. I won with two bribes, one assassination and a church (similar to yours, I guess, you had two assassinations and only one bribe).

He did kill my mighty gang though. That sucked.


@JoshL did you finish the campaign?

I just had my 500th win in casual mode, I made it to the top 7 now!


Impressive! How many concurrent games are you carrying nowadays?


Around 10 games at a time, give or take.

I gave out a lot of advice in August due to the influx of new twitch prime players. Was nice to see the population go up, as I’d been playing the same 30 or so people for awhile now.


No, I got distracted by some other shiny thing. It’s possible I will get back to it though!


That’s awesome lordkosc. Now it doesn’t feel bad to get beaten by you!


Playing and beating most of them. I laud you for being a gracious champion of such a worthy game.


New patch!


Less than $5 during the winter sale.