For my 103rd birthday
we all went
to Argentina

it was bitterly warm which
was, quite frankly,
since the Spaniards called it Tierra Del Fuego
and I believed in the kind of
chili pepper heat
that only somebody of latin descent, perhaps a Wharton graduate, could truy understand

but while we weren’t there
I heard a story with my tired ears
about a mystical place in the mountains
where you could
if you wanted to
go and visit a sort of shrine

The hike was arduous for a man of my advanced years
but when we got there
the priest of that shrine
a prophet
and more than a prophet
EXPLAINED to us in gracious terms
why the ground was so sacred

and as we entered the inner sanctum
up on the altar
there was
a podium

and the priest and prophet told us
“this! podium! cost! forty! thousand! dollars!”
and we cried
because previously someone, somewhere
had told us of these wonders
but then, back then when information was new
we didn’t listen

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