AntZ: Ants or Ant Z

Which movie had the big fat bug with the sterotypical German accent?

Cause that’s the one that was on in the background when I fucked a ballet dancer on her couch.

Hot damn, Scalia…you sure get around.

You are all wrong. It is, of course, pronounced “Ant Zed”.

These are American Ants, not British ones.

“Yeah, who’s your favorite Justice? Yeah, call me Sammy. Oh, come on. Don’t make me get loose. Yeah, that’s right. Call me Nino. Oh, yeah.”

Canada is North American, you ignorant slut.

WTF Hanz?

One of the many tsunami videos doing the rounds on the internet was shot by a close friend of mine. He has a very recognizable “Hooooly shiit!” before he starts running - I’m sure he wished for a motocross bike or a fucking moped at the time.

No they didn’t. A Bug’s Life was Pixar’s second movie, they didn’t have the reputation they do now. I remember a lot more hype for Antz because it had the all star cast.

Yeah, you’re right about the cast, but Toy Story was a big hit and with their three Oscars (not counting the numerous technical awards) Pixar were allready considered the unbeatable masters of computer animation.

I remember the hype being for A Bug’s Life with Antz as an also ran, that was quite popular with some critics. The voice cast was considered somewhat desperate - throw a lot of celebrity at the film, when you’re up against the next Pixar.

The Mighty Ducks? Ouch. I’m no fan of A Bug’s Life (Pixar’s worst film, IMO), but credit where credit is due: A Bug’s Life is essentially Seven Samurai with insects.