Any chance of a PC version of Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube looks awesome. Any chance of a PC version?

I’m guessing not. Capcom does have a tradition of porting the numbered REs to the PC, but the publisher hasn’t shown much interest in any but the retro side of the PC market since RE3’s release (which followed the console release by about 18 months).

Yeah, and the quality of the ports sucked. Almost as bad as the horrendous port job Square did with FFVII.

Used Cube = $60
RE4 = $40



Looks like my wish has come true!

You should be ashamed of your self that you dont have a gamecube.

One big reason for that was the prerendered graphics looked like crapola on a high-res monitor. RE4 is all realtime 3D.

Funny thing is, I was planning to buy RE4 for the PS2 today. Like right after I left for work (in 15 minutes). I think Ill just buy God of War instead.

I dont own a GC… because all the games I wanted for it… are being or have been ported. No reason for it. And after working at EB I wouldnt buy a used system.

Huh. That’s cool. I ordered RE4 for the GameCube a month ago from Amazon. It was some weird deal where I got it for $14 shipped, but it doesn’t ship until --get this-- March. I couldn’t pass that up, but it looks like it’ll be out on the PC before I even get my GC version.

Warning on GOW if you have a widescreen TV: It’s fake widescreen (they zoom the 4:3 AND cut it) and it really sucks…

Thats hella lame!

Thanks for the heads up. But I ended up getting FEAR instead.

Wow, you went from RE4 to God of War to FEAR. Talk about an accelerating downward trend.

Eventually… I will own all of them (and Call of Duty 2). But FEAR was the cheapest. No good games coming out now = tons of time to catch up.

Not total crap, but RE4 is one of the best games ever made, God of War is one of the best games of the year, and FEAR… isn’t.

Some of us with GameCubes for our kids prefer playing PC games … I know I do. So this is good news for me.

I still haven’t bought RE4 for the GC because the price for Cube games just never drops, and I have too many other games to play. I thought I’d eventually get a cheap copy of the PS2 version but if it’s out for the PC that might be even better… assuming the port is decent.

RE 4 (GC) is down to $20 at ebgames and gamestop. On the other hand, I guess this doesn’t do you much good over there in Germany. Perhaps that’s why you folks play all those board games?

Not crap. It was just… boring? I dunno. It was certainly missing something that made me want to continue playing it.

RE4 however sounds great. I’m stuck between getting the PC version for (probably) $50 or the GC version which has now dropped to $20.

GC titles do get discounted but only a LOOOONG time after release, unless nobody wants them. Gamecube titles in general have poor availability in Europe, and RE4 in Germany is worse because it’s restricted to adults which means most retailers drop it fairly quickly, and online retailers usually don’t carry it at all (mandatory ID card verification for 18+ titles -> lots of extra work for the retailer). used to carry 18+ titles but I just noticed that they dropped them entirely. and never had them to begin with.

Of course I could import from Britain but that’s the country with the worst prices for consumer goods in the entire world. and still list RE4 at 30 pounds… plus 16% VAT, totalling over $60 without shipping costs. no longer sells the game at all. :(

It wasn’t all that scary, overall. And it was mostly you shooting dudes. Dudes with above-par AI yes, but still dudes. Dudes aren’t scary. Fucking demons from Hell aren’t very scary anymore, you know?

RE4 however sounds great. I’m stuck between getting the PC version for (probably) $50 or the GC version which has now dropped to $20.

Yeah. This seriously is some killer news. You’ll all probably shoot me in the face for saying this, but I don’t own any consoles. I wish I had the time to play one. I don’t have time to play all the PC games I want to play, so it’s not snobbery. I’d gank a PS2 and then 3 if I thought I could make fucking use of it.

You have lost your mind. I played all the way to the end of FFVII on PC and had zero problems, not to mention it looked much better than the PS1 version.