Any chance of memory prices going down soon?

It has been almost 2 years since I built my last computer and I am starting to look at building another. My inital plan was to put 16 gigs of memory in my system. However I was shocked to learn that memory prices are about the same as they were 2 years ago. At first I figured it was DDR 3 memory but in fact the exact same memory in my current system went up $3 per gig since I bought it in 2007. So what is up with memory prices?

This is about what I’ve come across on the topic; I don’t expect any significant drop anytime soon though, more like a slow decrease over an extended period for DDR3.

Well that is going to delay a lot of upgrades

Just what do you need 16 gigs for anyway?

This bugs me, alot. I just ordered some DDR2 SODIMMs for clients, and found I was actually paying more now than I paid in the summer of 2008 for the same chips.

At least when DDR prices started going up, DDR2 had hit ‘dirt freaking cheap’ levels.

There is no need. I just figured if I was going to step up to 64 bit os, I should do it in style.

It sounds like DDR2 production is ramping down while DDR3 production is still ramping up. So I expect DDR2 prices to rise slowly while DDR3 eventually comes down. Right now, though, it looks like RAM is a little supply-constrained.

4GB DIMMs are still pretty pricey, like 3x what 2 x 2GB DIMMs will cost you. 8GB (4 x 2GB) should be ample for the foreseeable future.

Right, but when this happened last time, DDR2 had already become pretty cheap. I’d have to dig up some invoices, but I remember even in '05 paying half as much per gigabyte for DDR2 when DDR production was just starting to slow down.

DDR3 densities will increase over time, whereas DDR2 will likely stay the same. So you’ll see price points for 4GB DDR3 go down over time, probably pretty dramatically, but that may be 6-12 months away.

Interestingly, the sweet spot in $/GB for DDR3 are triple channel kits. Many are actually cheaper / GB than 4GB dual channel kits using the same modules. I bought two triple 6GB channel DDR3-1600 kits to populate two dual channel systems, one with 8GB and the other with 4GB.

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Can a male human being even possibly keep up with indulging in the two dozen high definition simultaneously running porn videos needed in order to even use up 16GB of RAM?

Yeah, 16 gigs, that’s…that’s a lot of simultaneously open windows.

In the interest of science, I will unleash a fury of porn onto my computer tonight that hath to this day been unachievable, and I’ll do it with 3GB of RAM.

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Thanks for the tip. On NewEgg they are quite a bit cheaper. Problem is, if I built a system, it would be the only computer in my house that can take DDR 3 memory. So the extra 4 gigs would just collect dust in my computer parts tub.

The other problem I have is I hate filling a computer memory slot with a chip less than its maximum capacity. Hate having to waste memory when I get the urge to upgrade 12 months down the road and have to yank it out.

You’re building a system with 16GB of RAM and you’re not going Core i7?

I hadn’t decided on processor or motherboard yet. I think all the motherboards I’m looking at have only 4 ram slots but that might change.