Any chance of memory prices going down soon?

Please… this isn’t an E-penis issue. I’m not using multiple video cards or liquid cooling over clocked extreme processors.

Go for triple-channel, if you’re gonna have a golden toilet you might as well make sure the seat matches.

12 gigs might be ok. I think I remember hearing that 12 gigs was the sweet spot for Windows 7.

Liquid cooling is officially normal. I’m sitting right next to my radiator, typing on my fairly powerful game computer as it makes absolutely no discernible noise. The loudest thing about it is hard drive access, whether I’m playing a game or typing papers. I may never go back to air cooling, and I’m pretty sure if I can handle it it’s gone beyond niche.

Um, yeah, no. “Normal” involves things that Dell sells without an alien logo on them.

It’s not Alienware or particularly overpriced. It’s a 250$ cooling accessory you add yourself (the Reserator 2, although I understand the Reserator 1 v2 is actually a superior design), +/- an extra aquarium pump. If you’ve got a better way to combine silence and performance I’m all ears, but right now I’ll take the occasional annoyance of having to smack the flow filter to get it to start circulating over the fan noise of air cooling on my 4890 and i7. I get enough of that from my xbox.

I’ll freely admit that I would never have taken the jump without someone to encourage and guide me (Reldan), but it really wasn’t more than following instructions once we got the parts together.

Dear Maximum PC,

I never thought this would happen to me…

I’ve spent less on entire PCs before. Cheap crappy PCs, admittedly, but still: pretty sure that counts as being on the far side of “normal” for most people.

This is definitely not normal.

But my point is that it should be, I guess.

The extra aquarium pump is my failsafe, as it is more powerful than the built in one and more reliable, and it is highly unlikely that both will run out their 50k hours at the same time.

If you are the kind of person who builds their own, and are in the 1500-2000 price range (no monitor included), it’s definitely more feasible than I would have thought.

This “normal” thing you keep talking about…

(Seriously, I can’t even imagine spending four figures on a computer these days. What would you put in it? Dual video cards? ExXXXtreme processors?)

Weren’t memory manufacturers investigated for price fixing once?

Yeah, see, those two provisos already push you well outside the realm of the “normal” PC buyer. “Feasible” isn’t quite the same thing as “normal” or “average.” Heck, plenty of folks here follow stusser’s “buy Dell, slap in video card” suggestions and Qt3 is already quite a few notches above “normal.” You might as well say, “If you are the kind of person who pimps their own ride and are in the $50K - $70K price range, you can definitely turbocharge your engine on your own.” That sort of advice doesn’t really apply to the normal car buyer.


Where the Hell did you hear that?

I think it was on a podcast with Brad Wardell. I can’t google a quote but Loyd Case mentions something about it.

Brad and I had a conversation about it when he was in town once. It’s not so much that 12GB is the “sweet spot” – 6GB is pretty good too. But with 12GB, huge disk caches get build, and apps that you use often get pre-cached. Stuff then loads faster. Everything just feels more responsive.

I want 24GB, really ;-)

6GB is probably the current sweet spot, but that’ll move up within Win7’s lifetime, and the next logical step up for a triple-channel system would be 12GB.

Thats the spirit. :)

Well, my assumption was that people would be interested in something affordably priced and easily assembled in the gaming range that deals with the twin boogeymen of heat and noise in one fell swoop. Clearly I was mistaken, and should never have suggested anything that wasn’t pre-built by Chinese infants and marketed with rebates.

Ok that’ll work. JEEZ I JUST GOT 8 GIGS, GUYS. DANG.