Any chance of memory prices going down soon?

To be fair, though, that’s because it was literally cheaper than buying the components and assembling it myself, which I’d originally planned to do. If you can get the same or more performance for less price, without the hassle of assembling it yourself and then having to go over every part with a voltmeter to figure out which one was shipped broken, why not? The only downside was the crappy dell case.

Their “gamer machine” cases are pretty great, though. I have an XPS 630i, which I bought on sale for less than it would have cost me to buy the same components and build my own, and the case is just as nice as my old Lian Li. Quick-release side panel, very roomy inside, all the cabling neatly tied up and routed out of the way, very friendly to upgrade and expansion. And the case has awesome ventilation–the whole bottom half of the front is wire mesh, with a pair of 120mm fans pulling air through.