Any chance we will see Red Faction 2 for the PC?

I liked the first game, and haven’t heard squat of a PC sequal. Just the PS2 sequal has been announced.

Anyone know?

I liked Red Faction; it was a solid if unspectacular shooter, with a reasonably interesting gimmick (geomod). I was disappointed to hear the sequel would be PS2-only… but based on the review I read, maybe we’re not missing much after all.

THQ has usually made it crystal-clear when it’s doing a PC version, and there’s no reference to one in the literature I’ve seen. So probably not.

Then again, if the PS2 version does well, you can reasonably expect the game to be ported to other consoles, and perhaps to PC as well.

Red Faction was an OK game. The problem was that its main distinguishing characteristic (an largely destroy-able environment) was, as one poster wrote, a gimmick, and often not an integral part of gameplay.

There are a lot of games like that: The designers try something original, but they don’t think through in advance how to exploit it to further what they want to achieve (or they do, but don’t aim high enough). The Soldier of Fortune games are another good example. It’s the best example of location-specific damage you’ll ee outside of an infantry sim, but the soldiers’ detailed vulnerabilities rarely come into play in the game, which just winds up being gross.

My two cents, anyway.


I don’t think Volition is going to bother with PC games any more. In spite of never making a bad game, the company has never had any notable commercial success (at least under that brand). Summoner and Red Faction both sold much better on consoles - so they got console-only sequels.


But from what PC gamer stated last year, Summoner didn’t sell to well on the PS2. Of course, it did poorly on the PC.

I do know that Red Faction sold a lot of copies on the PS2.

Red Faction was pretty cool aside from the ridiculous cut-scenes that revealed Our Hero (me) as an angry teenager given to absurd dramatics and what was the most awkward “romance” scene I ever had the displeasure to witness.

Those dorky scenes alone keep the game on my shelf.

I’ve always thought that the geomod was one of the most overlooked game features out. I would love to see more games with destructable/deformable structures and terrain. It annoys the hell out of me when I’m armed with a stick of dynamite and I can’t even blow a door open. Hell, even skinny wooden fences are an unpassable barrier. I’d like to see BF1942 have a geomod ability. Just like they did in Berlin in 45, you could make your own passageways through an apartment block. Never happen, though.

It’s really, really complicated. That implies you model the physics of the entire building. Even if you arbitrarily allow players to blow holes in everything forgoing the crazy physics calculations (fex, what if I blew the legs off the eiffel tower?), you’d need an uber PC-- and now that I think about it, the world’s fastest networks-- to keep coherent track of a world that has been deformed in 5,000 different ways by 16 different players.

A mediocre shooter with a a possible cool technology reduced to a gimmick. I can only think that the reason RF did well on the PS2 was that their wasn’t much on anything FPS wise on the PS2 at the time.

As for it not doing well on the PC thats obvious. Violition can just look at other successful shooters to see where they didn’t cut it. Heck you could tell the game was designed on the PS2 and ported over to the PC(low res textures and all). As for Summoner that was a console style game all the way. I can’t think they really thought it had a chance on the PC.

Yeah, I’m sure the physics of damage is very, very complex otherwise we would be seeing it implemented. I’m not really after the whole real world physics thing. I just want to be able to blow holes in things. The scrunched up building damage model of Flashpoint doesn’t appeal to me but at least it’s better than the shell proof straw huts of BF 1942. Even if a blast just removed half a wall it would be adequate for me. As I said, one of the most frustrating times I had in a game was with Undying. I was running up and down a corridor armed with a shotgun and some dynamite. Door after door was locked, tap tap tap on the door or that wriggle of the door knob noise. Every friggin door, and all the time I was thinking ‘fuck this- I’VE GOT DYNAMITE!’
Some of the deathmatch levels in Red Faction were fun, by the time the match was over the level would look like a wrecking ball went through it. There is something gratifying about sheer carnage…

But just imagine what fun it would be to shell an island from the battleship. Flattening structures, demolishing hills, etc.

True, it’s not going to happen with this generation of PC games. But it’s not too far in the future.


I don’t thinkthis is true. One could start by allowing man-made items to be destroyed with explosive, such as walls in a building, fences, fire-hydrants, etc. Whenever one is destroyed with explosive, just blow it “to bits”. No leftovers to concern yourself with physics about. Basically you remove the clipping plane and the graphic. I think this is the first step into fully deformable terrains.

Apart from the physics issues, there are daunting AI issues as well. You’d have to have AIs pathfinding all the time, or alternately moving around to enter the door of the hut that has been completely shattered instead of walking across the bits.


I think if they focused Summoner and Red Faction for pc only FIRST then maybe a ps2 port they’d make better games AND get better sales. Not PS2 first then maybe pc. But then again what the hell do I know!



A tangent: What’s become of the Descent line?

From what I’ve found on the web, I suspect it’s dead. I gather that Volition’s Descent 4 (announced c. 1998) turned into Red Faction, and that Descent 3 developer Outrage has likewise been acquired by THQ.

So the people with the most history with the franchise are no longer available.

And of course Interplay, which still owns the name, I think, may not be in the best position to fund new projects these days.

But it would seem a sensible move to return to one of its core properties. I don’t know how well Descent 3 sold, but evidently enough to warrant an add-on (Mercenary).

Anyone know anything?


IIRC, Descent I and II did do very very well. However D3 did rather poorly in comparison to the first two games.

Descent is, I think, deader than the proverbial doornail. And yes, Descent 4 did turn into Red Faction – probably a wise decision in hindsight, given the positive sales of RF on PS2.