Any coffee dorks?


Well I make what basically amounts to a 20oz americano (with my Aeropress) in the morning. I may also make one in the evening. If I’m off work I may make an extra cup in the afternoon depending.

It doesn’t seem like much, but at three scoops per cup it adds up. I also rarely drink any other caffeinated beverages. It’s either coffee, milk or water.


So I recently bought one of the low-end Krups grinder (it’s all I can afford right now) and the grounds like to cake down in the bottom of the bay under the grinding “blade”. Anyone has a better option for dealing with this beyond just getting a tooth/paintbrush to flush it out?


The first cup I got out of my new Silvia using temperature surfing was just fantastic. Hooray!


Anyone have a favorite online retailer for fresh roasted coffee beans? I can’t find any place locally that roasts that I like.


Yes, espresso vivace. They will deliver a half-pound of beans at a time, which is important so it doesn’t get stale. They only charge their cost for shipping.


Wherever you order or purchase from, don’t order more than you can use in a week.

For me half a pound of anything lasts to the point that I can see the bottom of my grinder each week.

More than that will end up with less flavor.


I really like Blue Bottle Coffee (


In San Francisco, there is a Blue Bottle vs. Verve war.

I prefer Blue Bottle for its smoothness and total lack of bitter aftertaste.


Does anyone have a suggestion for a similar fresh-roasted online coffee retailer in Canada?


Out east there’s Just Us!, a fair trade importer and roaster. I’m guessing if you googled around there’s probably lots of options.


Blue bottle is in NYC now, and I was quite excited to try their coffee at their stall in the highline last summer. Completely sour undrinkable dreck. Not just mediocre, worse than starbucks. I’m sure they just made a mistake, but with that lack of quality control, I’ve stayed away from blue bottle ever since.


Like everything they do, Zingerman’s makes some high quality (and pricey) coffee here in A2. I am partial to the Roadhouse blend.


I’ve tried to use Google for this, but I honestly don’t know the right search terms to use to generate any meaningful hits. I keep getting corporate coffee service companies here in Montreal.

I checked out Just Us! and it looks really good, except for the $11.00 shipping charge on the $12.60 12oz of coffee I’d like to order.


Surely there must be decent coffee to be had in Montreal.


People usually say good things about Café Santropol, but I always found most of their coffees overly bitter. There was a local place (Wild Beans Café) that closed up, which has left me in a lurch. Some people claim to like Brulerie St. Denis, but there are none nearby. Ideally I’d love for some kind of small quantities mailed weekly, fresh roasted and preground to an Aeropress friendly grind to just show up at my door at not unreasonable shipping charges. I know this kind of thing exists in the US, so where are they in Canada?!


Pay me a suitable retainer and I’ll source grounds here and drive them up to the post office in Philipsburg.


Anyone here have one of the Bonavita machines? They’re the same concept as the Technivorm at half the price from what I can tell. I need a new machine and these are very tempting.

Or should I just get a Bunn? It seems they brew at the proper temperature and the new ones have a sprinkler nozzle that’s all the rage.


Oh, wow. I haven’t been compelled to buy much of anything out of this thread so far in terms of fancy coffee preparation tools, but those machines look extremely nice.


It looks like I can actually buy a Technivorm tonight. Worth it?


Depends. How big of a coffee snob are you?

It makes the best cup of drip coffee I’ve ever had. Other than that, it’s pretty crappy. No timer, no brew-through lid and the basket drips in the closed position, so if you want to grab a cup before it’s completely finished brewing, you get drips of coffee all over the counter.

I can’t imagine using any other coffee maker, though. It’s that good at making coffee.