Any coffee dorks?


Ah. My mistake. I always got that mixed up and usually had to run out to the grocery store at the last minute.

Thanks for point that out.



Dulce de leche actually, [I]milk[/I] caramel, which is even better yet!


Sounds like a great idea, Christien. Thanks for the heads up.


Fudge, on the other hand…

(What’s the point of pumpkin pie, anyway? Its got no chocolate in it at all!)


And it has pumpkin in it. Which is essentially tasteless anyway. Might as well just make a nutmeg and cinnamon pie… hmmm… with chocolate, maybe?


Yeah, the condensed milk pie is key lime pie, which was, IIRC, pretty much invented by the marketing people at Borden, who had just come up with condensed milk and were selling people on things to use it for.


A few weeks ago I found one of these things hiding in a closet:

I’d bought it for my parents twenty years ago. Neither of them took to it, and my dad, being my dad, carefully packed up it and stored it away.

It’s what coffee dorks derisively refer to as a “steam toy,” and they’d claim it doesn’t make true espresso at all. And they’d be right, may it bring them much peace and quiet. But having played around with it for a while now, I find it gets reasonably close to the real thing—at least for cappuccino and latte—and the milk frother works like a charm.


Condensed milk is for Magic Bars (aka 7 layer bars). I’m pretty sure those are the whole reason xmas exists as a holiday.


My own favorite thing that condensed milk is used in is teh tarik, which is more or less the same as thai tea. After experimenting with it for a while last year, I found that there are instant teh tarik packets that contain powdered tea/milk/sugar that are better than anything I was able to construct on my own (possibly due to not having access to the proper kind of tea, but more likely just not having the proportions correct).


Oh god, I wish I did not just google this


Funny story: My first wife was an ex-Krishna devotee. She owned a copy of The Hare Krishna Cookbook. In the Sweets section was a recipe for caramel made from sweetened condensed milk boiled in the can. It was notable, she told me, because since it was untouched by man when canned and cooked, it could be offered directly to the gods when opened. No blessing needed. It was also very tasty. We made it often.

BTW the food in that book is truly amazing. You can get it as a free PDF Here.

Also, lo and behold, I had a can of the sweet stuff in the pantry. Thanks again for the suggestion, Christien, it is delicious in iced coffee.


Dulce de leche is also fabulous on toast, crepes, etc etc.


Just be careful when making Dulce de leche from a can of condensed milk, you really don’t want to overheat it by letting the water drop below the top of the can. Think exploding lava bomb.


Hold on, I’m taking notes for my spec script for the next Bourne movie.


Another thing to note: Many companies use pop top cans now. Older cans were [I]probably[/I] able to handle higher pressures. I’d try to get the kind of can that you need an opener for.


Difficulty: Capable Cooks. Cause boiling water is hard.




My friend convinced his wife that condensed milk spoils very quickly once the can is opened. Of course he offers to finish it all up…


ARISE! And smell the coffee.

A single page with many different brewing methods. Nice collection.


I’ve started using the Toddy cold brew system and I am happy with my first batch. Nice to be able to just heat up some water, pour in some concentrate, and have a damn fine cup of joe. Super smooth, too.


I’m a big fan of Toddy, especially for the summer. Having a nice low acid concentrate over ice with a splash of half and half is amazing, and incredibly convenient.