Any Creative ZenMicro owners here?

Have any of you had trouble with the headphone jack on your units? About 6 months ago I had to send my Micro to Creative because the damn thing came loose which meant the audio cut out either partially or all together whenever I was working out.

Well I recently noticed that the jack is coming loose again! Uggg this is so frustrating. Any other users with similiar problems? Do the Ipods have this problem too?

Do the Ipods have this problem too?

I have not had this problem on any of the 3 ipods I have owned / own.

Sucks you are gonna have to send it back again to get fixed.

I don’t have a Micro (I have a NW-E407) , but I have never even heard of this problem before, on any player. Are you sure you are not doing something wrong? Do you have the player hang by the headphones or something?

No I never hang the unit by the headphones or anything like that. Perusing the Creative forums it appears to be reoccuring problem for other users as well =\

I’ve had my Zen Micro for 8 months now, and no problems.

The headphone jack is the most common problem with all MP3 players because it is so easy to get even slightly bent. Check to make sure that’s not the issue. It’s usually caused by picking up the unit by the headphones which everyone does from time to time, but can be caused by a fall or such.