Any god games for the pc in development?

Noticed that the number of god games for the pc has fallen off. Sure, Sims 2 keeps on trucking and we know Sims 3 is in the works but everything has trailed off.

There doesn’t seem to be any Sims clones in the works. There were a bunch of them in the 2005 time frame and now, there are none.

A few City builders came out in 2005 and 2006 but they weren’t very good and they seem to be fading away.

Lionhead has become the Fable studio and thats all they will be making till the end of time. Like most Microsoft studios and partners, even if they were working on something, the best we could hope for is a shitty pc port two years later.

Anything else?

… Spore?


Ok, I have no idea how I manage to forget THAT one. :)

It’s been in development so long (and announced so early!) I am not actively
caring about it anymore, either :P
But Spore is all I can think of too.

Does Kudos count? its not a god game, but I’ve never considered the sims to be ‘god games’ as such, they are life-simulations, artificial life games maybe.
They are a bitch to design and code, thats why people dont make them, together with the fact that they are popular with everyone EXCEPT hardcore game geeks, who tend to make up game dev coding and design teams.

There doesn’t seem to be any Sims clones in the works.

That reminds me, the team behind the Singles titles is working on a new IP. And then there’s an add-on to 1701 A.D. in the making, which will be released this summer in Europe. The Settlers series isn’t that huge in NA, but The Settlers VI is something every fan of that genre should keep an eye on, looks really decent so far and is due for a release in Q3, I thnk.


Settlers SIX? Sheesh.