Any Good Black Friday Deals on Games or PC Hardware?

Do I need to wake up early this year?

not really.

My Gamestop sent me an email that showed some deals they have until noon. Nothing huge, but some decent stuff…2 classics for $30 for instance (normally 19.99 each). Some games were on sale (WoW, Metroid 2, whatever).

Yeah, EB Games is selling MGS 3 new for $9.99 too, but that’s really about it. Pretty lame. You’ll have to go to mainstream stores if you want any deals. I can already picture the offers this time next year, after EB and Gamestop have merged. “Buy just five games before noon the day after Thanksgiving and you’ll get a whole dollar off!”

X-Men Legends 2 and coughUltimate Spider-Mancough are 29.99 until noon at Best Buy. They also have Destroy All Humans for 20 bucks.