Any good TBS or RPGs available for android mobile phones?


I can also endorse Polytopia. One of the very rare mobile games that I actually play these days, and I’m probably going to buy a tribe or two just to support the devs.


Pixel Dungeon, 80 Days, Neuroshima Hex, Deadly Dungeons.


In addition to Pocket Tactics, does a lot of mobile strategy reviews.


Thanks! I’m slowly beginning to realize that there’s a whole new world of gaming out there and that there are a lot of ‘proper’ games available to play on mobile these days.


If you’re just looking at “available for” rather than “exclusive to” mobile, there are a ton of good options that were originally on other platforms. XCOM was already mentioned, but also look at King of Dragon Pass, Qvadriga, Skulls of the Shogun, Banner Saga, Chroma Squad, Battle for Wesnoth, Shadowrun series, Romancing SaGa 2, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Lords of Midnight, Worms, KOTOR, Jade Empire, or the various Infinity Engine, Spiderweb Software, Dragon Quest, or Final Fantasy ports, depending on your tastes.

For mobile-first titles, I’d recommend the Trese Brothers games (Templar Battleforce, Heroes of Steel, etc.), the Kingturn series, Ravenmark, Rebuild 3, and Devil’s Attorney.

And that’s just sticking strictly to TBS and RPGs. If you’re open to related genres like roguelites, board/card game conversions, online CCGs, or tower defense, there are a ton more good options.


Keep in mind @Bateau is asking about gaming specifically on a phone. I know Heroes 3 is a tablet-only game for one.


Damn, I nearly fell off my chair when I read that one, because I’ve never found a decent Heroes (or Heroes-like) game on mobile. I’d play the crap out of that when I travel.


Also keep in mind that it’s the modern HD remake, with ‘updated’ art, no expansions, and as far as I know no random maps either.


Even that would be better than nothing. But as you say, unless they release a non-tablet version, I’m out of luck anyway.


I’m replaying the Quest for the first time in about ten years or so. I first played it on a Pocket PC until my save game got eaten by a bad SD card. So I never finished, but I remembered putting many hours into it. Just recently bought it again for iOS, it was on sale for $5 or so (the HD version). Note that the HD version also has additional adventures. Old school RPG goodness.


Well, that’s all true if you stick to the official release in the Play Store. And yet…

Install the latest apk from , copy over your Heroes 3 Complete install folder from GOG or wherever, and Crag Hack’s your uncle.

There are some minor rough edges with the on-screen keyboard when saving, and with mousing over things, but overall it works great.


I have Polytopia. How do you unlock things like bigger maps with more opponents? I have played about 4 games, which I liked, but I am starting to get bored of it. I was wondering if there was any kind of real progression I am missing. The different races seem to be mostly the same with perhaps a minor starting conditon like having a certain tech researched already.


It looks like each game can only have one of each race, so if you buy a couple of additional races, you increase the cap on number of factions in a game (which increases the map size).


RPG-lite Cat Quest is a lot of fun


There is also the IceBlink engine and its free modules.

But I got frustrated in the first campaign where in many encounters you get your party stuck in 1 tile wide doorways and you have to inch them up one at a time while the enemy throws AoE effects at you.

No thanks.


9th Dawn is pretty good, a kind of real-time, top-down retro RPG, a little bit Zelda, a little bit Ultima. I’ve only played a couple of hours of it, but enjoyed it.


So are there any good HOMM style games on Android that do work on phones?


I figured I’d update the thread with my experiences - I ended up playing The Quest a lot, got to the second major town and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The game’s very comfortable to play with one hand which is more than I can say for the vast majority of the other games I’ve tried playing on the phone. A lot of them don’t have portrait mode, which is a real shame. Anyway, the game itself seems pretty good, even by my regular PC crpg standards. Quest NPCs are hidden rather well and the map could be a little better but overall it’s a solid experience. I ended up picking a class that I usually steer clear of in RPGs - battlemage. Hybrids were never my thing but it works really well here, and I look forward to trying this playstyle in some PC rpgs if I ever get around to replaying them.

I’ve also dipped my toes into 7 mages - seems interesting but the real time nature of the game seems a little odd, plus it seems full of various puzzles which aren’t exactly my thing so I don’t know if I’ll persevere.

Another game that I’ve briefly tried and ended up enjoying is Cardinal Quest 2 - swipe to move is fantastic and it made me wish more roguelikes that I’ve tried had this option available. I was hoping Sword of the Stars: The Pit is available on android, but unfortunately it was never ported. I’ve also tried Pixel Dungeon but didn’t really like it. If there are any other good roguelikes or roguelites available for android please let me know!


I picked up a range of these recently since I got a new phone. A couple things that I don’t think we’re mentioned:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse, a card game that Tom game diary’ed a while back is available on phones. It probably had been for a while but I looked for it a long time ago and couldn’t find it. It’s good, if a bit board-game-conversion fiddly.
  • Meteorfall is a very cute Reigns-alike deck building RPG. Like Reigns, every decision is a “yes/no” decision on a single card, but instead of a strategy game, you’re building a deck of attacks and fighting monsters. It’s a bit slight, but it’s pretty neat.


I’ll also throw in support for Meteorfall. It’s a really enjoyable game.