Any good wireless controllers? (XBox & PS2)

Are there any really good wireless controllers for the XBox?

I’d be interested in the same for the PS2 as well, actually. Trying to clean up the area around the TV a bit. :-)

The new Logitech PS2 one rocks, and is possibly my favorite controller this generation. Don’t get the old “boomerang” Logitech PS2 one with the circular D-pad and concave sticks, since it’s ass. The new one has convex sticks and looks more like a Dual Shock – specifically, a Dual Shock that doesn’t suck.

Mad Katz makes a good one. I’ve seen four-player Halo played with four MK wireless controllers and the game went off perfectly.

I concur. I haven’t had mine long enough to comment on battery usage or durability, but it feels sturdy enough.

Yep, just get the Logitech Action controller or whatever its called. Very comfortable and sturdy build, works beautifully with an advertised battery life of 50+ hours…we’ll see about that though. $40 is a very nice price range as well considering it’s previous model was $70-ish?

The Xbox version looks pretty nice as well, but I haven’t tested it yet. So impressed with the PS2 model thus far that I very well may bat down an Xbox version with Burnout 3 in the coming weeks.

I tried the Logitech one a year or so ago and wasn’t impressed. It was huge, bigger than the original Microsoft controller, and the sticks were really loose. Maybe they’ve improved them.

For PS2, I have a Gamestop branded controller, which I believe is made by Mad Katz, and it’s really good.

I’m using the wireless logitech controllers for Xbox and PS2 (Precision Controller and Action Controller respectively I think ) and both are fantastic. Can’t recommend them enough.

There definitely must have been a new model since then. The new Xbox controller is barely larger than the S-Controller and the sticks are very tight and responsive.

I got the original “big” logitech controller for the Xbox and liked it just fine, but the A button started sticking in the down position. A look inside showed that it didn;t have a spring mechanism, but just a rubber gasket that was supposed to push the button back in place. Not the best idea, since it simply wore out.

However, a toll call to Logitech customer service later, I got a brand new action controller (the new style) and it’s even better. Lighter, uses less batteries, still as reliable as heck from a signal standpoint. They seem worth the money to me, as solid as the Wavebird.

The new Logitech wireless ps2 & xbox controllers are definately the king of the hill. They are as good as the wavebirds really, plus they have vibration if you want it. Do not get the older models, they are not the same thing.

Has anyone tried the new wireless Airflo controllers? Nyko makes a PS2 and an Xbox version. I’m a big fan (har!) of their controllers & use them on all three consoles, but I could always do without the cord.

Now that’s service. I almost bought one of those new Logitech controllers for my Xbox tonight but put the package back on the shelf so I could get some opinions online about it first. Sounds like it’s a winner. I did find the price a touch high at $39.99, though, considering the other models are $10 less.

The Logitech wireless controller for PS2 is really good; I’ve been enjoying it.

I had a corded Airflo controller, but the fan conked out after about a week. I do like the adult-sized hand grips, though.

These work okay with multiple controllers, I assume? Most of my consoling is two-player…

Thanks for the tips, guys. Logitech looks good. They’re running a rebate right now, $15 back if you buy along with an XBox game.

You have a link for that?


The coupon’s attached to the XBox controller listing on But it’s a Logitech coupon.


It looks like you have to buy 2 of them to get the $15 off.

– Xaroc